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Thread: 1st water fill.New white plaster, over shotcrete,indoor pool

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    1st water fill.New white plaster, over shotcrete,indoor pool

    Q. initial 1st time pool fill was delayed app. 20 hrs after plaster was completed! pool contracter had also came out to water down plaster the day pool was to be filled. I had asked if I should give it another watering later that nite he said it wasn't really neccesary, but it wouldnt hurt if I had! wich I did later that nite.
    Since the fill, pool has developed
    a slite but, not an extreme plaster discoloration ie. non brushable greenish yellow in color stain
    would this have been caused buy the 20 hr delay in pool fill, or perhaps a high ph level ???
    Note: fill water was trucked in do to (well water source) for property.

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    Re: 1st water fill.New white plaster, over shotcrete,indoor

    Welcome Mick!

    I'd be lying if I said either way, but I know we have a member or two that can probably answer this one correctly. I'll be interested to see what they have to say. Just curious if you noticed any color change taking place before the fill?
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    Re: 1st water fill.New white plaster, over shotcrete,indoor

    The twenty hour fill delay would not cause a discoloration, and in cooler temperatures would actually be beneficial. In fact, I would not have recommended any watering down prior to filling. Also, a high pH would not cause a green or yellow discoloration. Can you provide a water test result on the trucked-in water, and also of your own tap water that was used to spray down the pool? The pH, TA, and CH, and an iron test would be helpful too.

    A picture of the stained area would help diagnose.

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    Re: 1st water fill.New white plaster, over shotcrete,indoor

    Is the discoloration all over, or in limited areas?

    Was the water clear or colored upon fill?

    Did the water provider give a water quality report?

    What chemicals have you added so far?
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