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Thread: Astral viron chlorinators

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    Astral viron chlorinators

    I was wondering if anybody has any experience with these babies.

    I have an Astral Viron VpH V25 chlorinator.

    It has a chlorine setting from zero to eight. During this hot Aussie summer, I have been running it on 8.

    But on hot days, it sets itself back DOWN to 7 with a message that says "TOO HOT DL7". In fact it has gotten as low as 6 with a message that says "TOO HOT DL6".

    Nobody I've asked knows what this means - not the pool shop guys, not the poll manufacturer and not anyone else I know that has one.

    If it is lowering its chlorine production because it's too hot, that would be pretty useless since it's on those days when you need maximum chlorine being generated!

    It is down to 7 again now, it's nearly 37 degrees Celsius outside ( and to top it off, a dead bird has appeared in my pool).

    Anyway, any help would be appreciated if anybody knows what's going on with these things.

    By the way, the manual is useless - it doesn't even refer to this message at all.
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    Re: Astral viron chlorinators

    I have a similar unit - they are a rebadged hurlcon iirc. The power supply is fan cooled, and I would say it's probably obscured (ie not enough airflow) or senile - I swear my chlorinator is running beta firmware because it's so buggy. Is it shaded or in an enclosure?
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    Re: Astral viron chlorinators

    If you think your lacking in FC to you get this figured out, you could give it a little help with some bleach.
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    Re: Astral viron chlorinators

    Hi mick

    I have one of those viron ph chlorinators. It has not had that error on its display but mine is installed in an enclosure which might keep it cooler.

    i would suggest you give astral a ring at their head office in Melbourne as they have technical support there so hopefully someone will b able to tell you what the error means.

    Also by following the guidelines here i upped the CYA levels in my pool to 70 and have been able to run the chlorinator on 6 and its been maintaining a FC of around 4.5.

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    Re: Astral viron chlorinators

    Thanks Paul and others.

    Good to know that others have the same equipment.

    I'll get onto them at head office and report back.
    60,000 litre pool (15,850 gallons)
    Cartridge filter, SWG pool.
    In ground pool, tiled concrete
    Viron P320 eVo pool pump, 300 litres/ minute

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    Re: Astral viron chlorinators

    Hi Mick967

    I also have a problem with my chlorinator which is giving me a message "TOO HOT DL5"

    Everything over the last 6 months since our pool was installed had been perfect until l got home today and l read this message.
    Does anyone know what this message means as l have tried looking up other forums and posts and cannot seem to fins any information regarding this issue.

    I have also emailed this evening Astral Pools to find out if they can shed any more light on this issue that l have. My pH was at 6.8 today but considering the weather that we have had in Melbourne over the last few days and what we are going to experience over the next few this is quite good.

    I just want to ensure that there are no other problems that may eventuate if this is not resolved.

    If anyone has any thoughts or feedback.

    I am also going to contact Astral tomorrow to find out, if they can give me any further information l would be more than happy to post this to hopefully help others who may suffer the same issue.

    As for the manual l agree there is very little information in this and no mention of the error code that we are experiencing.

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    Re: Astral viron chlorinators

    There is a problem with this thread. There are no test results posted.

    To get a complete picture of what's happening in your pool, current test results are a requirement.

    It is possible your troubles are centered around not having enough CYA or a need to SLAM your pool and have little to do with the chlorinator........probably not but very possible
    Dave S.
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