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Thread: Leak - Pool Builder Wants to Drain and Inspect Behind Liner

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    Leak - Pool Builder Wants to Drain and Inspect Behind Liner

    I've had a leak for a few months. It's an inground vinyl pool, about 6.5 years old. The pool was losing an inch every couple days in the summer, and even in December it was losing about 1/4 inch per day (air temps in the 30s to 50s). I did do the bucket test and the bucket had zero loss for several days. There is also a wet area in my front yard where the grass is soggy/muddy even though we've had almost no rain, so I think that's where the water is going.

    I had been adding water to keep the pool full over the past few months, but recently decided to let it drop and see if the leak would slow or stop. It has slowed -- the water level is now below the skimmer and the water loss is about 1/10 inch per day. I have visually inspected the liner and I tried food coloring around the surface and near the skimmer and returns. I did not find any leaks. There do not appear to be any leaks at the equipment pad.

    I called my pool builder and he said he would need to drain the entire pool and get behind the liner to find and repair any holes, for $500. He said it was very unlikely that there would be leaks in the plumbing or skimmer box.

    Does this seem reasonable?
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    Re: Leak - Pool Builder Wants to Drain and Inspect Behind Li

    1\10 of an inch seems normal.... If not less than normal. If your pool is uncovered with no rain, I would expect some water loss.
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    Re: Leak - Pool Builder Wants to Drain and Inspect Behind Li

    Does this seem reasonable?
    Not really. The water has to leak through the liner so I have no idea why he would need to get behind it. I think y'all mis-communicated.

    It sounds like the leak stops when the water reaches the bottom of the skimmer......keep evaporation out of your thinking....1/10 inch daily could easily be evaporation and would indicate why your pool continues to lose water below the skimmer line.

    I would continue to look right at the level where the water stops leaking.....that is surely your leak source.
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