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Thread: Polaris 380 with a dedicated Penatir 4x160 (no booster)?

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    Polaris 380 with a dedicated Penatir 4x160 (no booster)?

    I have another post about problems that I'm having, but while searching around, I'm starting to ask myself if it is even a good idea to have a Pentair 4x16 setup to provide the means for the Polaris 380 to do it's thing? I guess I've never really fully understood this or didn't really pay much attention, but the the Polaris 380 calls for a booster pump. I always assumed that thie Pentair 4x160 would be more than adequate (really overkill) and better than a booster pump, and it's seemed to always work good, however, I've always felt like I had to set the pump at a higher flow rate just to make the cleaner work right than I felt like I should have, and I've always felt like it was having to work too hard just to make the cleaner work. Now, as I understand it, the booster pump and the Pentair 4x160 are totally different design and have different intended purposes. Can anyone please help enlighten me?



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    Re: Polaris 380 with a dedicated Penatir 4x160 (no booster)?

    You are correct the pumps have a different design. There are 2 types of pressure cleaners, those that need a booster pump and those that work with the normal pool pump.

    The booster pump provides a lower flow rate at high pressure. The filter pump provides higher flow rates at low pressure.

    You need to use the correct type of cleaner / pump combo. Generally it seems that the boosted pressure side pumps are going the way of the dodo ... having to run 2 pumps to run the cleaner is just a waste of money when you can get a suction cleaner or pressure cleaner that does not need the booster. Or even go with a robot that does not need any pump running.
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    Re: Polaris 380 with a dedicated Penatir 4x160 (no booster)?

    Yes, I agree with you on it being a waste on having to run two pumps for the cleaner...That was actually my original thinking and why it was setup that way to begin with, and for the most parts, it's seemed to work pretty good for the last couple of years. I just wish I had a better understaning of the flow rate vs. high pressure on the pumps. I've always assumed the Pentair 4x160 would be more than adequate for the task. I've probably been wasting a lot of energy over the years because I had to run the pump at such a high rate to get enough pressure. Kind of defeats the purpose on purchasing nice, energy effecient equipment. In retrospect, I should have purchased the Polaris 360 and not the 380.

    I've read a few places that you can convert a 380 to a 360 and vice versa, so I guess I will look into that for now.



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