I signed up to be a Solar Attic dealer back in 2008 and bought two units to start. What I found was two major roadblocks to selling them.

1) High cost. I paid about $3000 each after shipping. After the installation and a fair mark up, they would have to retail in the $5500 to $6000 range. That usually shut down the sales process.
2) Finding the ideal house and pool equipment layout for installation. I saw properties with pool equipment close to the house, but the house was almost all vaulted ceilings. Then I'd get a perfect attic install, but the pool equipment way too far away and land locked with concrete or untouchable landscaping.

The concept is great, and they appear to work quite well. As I remember, they claim that each unit puts out ~60K BTU.

So... I'm still sitting on the two units, still in their original crates. I'm not sure what the forum policy is for selling items, so slap me if I shouldn't solicit them for sale.

I'll take any reasonable offer. You've got to come to me to pick them up. I'm located in the eastern suburbs of the greater Phoenix area. If interested, send me a message.