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Thread: green vinyl pool

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    green vinyl pool

    Hi there,

    I'm not new to pools or BBB, but I have an out of town friend with a recently (vacation) green pool with a vinyl liner. She won't have a decent test kit until I get there on Thursday! I just need to know what to watch out for with a vinyl lining.

    Her CYA is 150 (at least according to the strips) and I told her she needs to do some draining. But in case she doesn't want to do that, is it safe to dump in enough bleach to bring it up to 40ppm or so with her liner?

    I also told her to bring down her Ph a bit from 7.6. She dumped in 5 174 oz bottles and according to her strip she held an off the chart (over 10) FC overnight?? I told her that wasn't enough at her CYA to attack the problem, but shouldn't the strip shown 0 in the morning?

    Mostly vinyl question needs answered 'cause I don't want to damage her pool.

    TIA to anyone helping soon. I leave in the morning!

    Am I missing the search function here??
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    Re: green vinyl pool

    The only way to lower her CYA is to drain some water and refill it. Read this forum category/pool-school/balance_your_pool_water . It tells you all about balancing your pool chemicals.

    Here is a bit of what it says about CYA:

    5. CYA (Stabilizer)
    UP - It can be added to your pool by pouring it directly into your skimmer but there is a caveat. You cannot backwash for at least three days (sometimes longer) because the CYA is captured in your filter and takes that long to dissolve. If you backwash, whatever CYA is still in your filter will be flushed out of your system.

    If you need to backwash and still need to introduce CYA, you can put the CYA into an old sock or nylon stocking and suspend it in a return water flow where it will slowly dissolve

    DOWN - Like calcium, CYA can only be removed from your pool by a partial drain and refill of your pool water. Add CYA to your pool with caution. Getting it out is troublesome.

    There is a whole section about this at this forum category/pool-school/ which makes for wonderful reading.

    She will still need to have LOTS of bleach on hand and then some to combat the algae once the drain and refill is done.

    Good Luck !
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