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Thread: Shotcrete shell questions

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    Shotcrete shell questions

    I have been a lurker for some time and am now in the middle of a fairly large build, a rectangle, 48 x 24. We designed the pool and the builder seemed to understand what we wanted. The dig started a couple of weeks ago and it took quite some time, due to the "short hours" of the workers and the sandy soil causing cave ins. They finally started the rebar stage and had to prop up the walls behind the rebar with blackboard and rebar pounded into the nearby walls to hold it all up due to cave ins making the hole bigger than needed. When the rebar was finished, the PB did not do any plumbing except the main drains and then told us t they were going to shoot the concrete the next day because it was supposed to rain the day after and they didn't want further cave ins. We were concerned about the lack of plumbing and that the floor was too sloped (we had discussed this at length previously and there was agreement on how we wanted the pool floor before the build). PB was not onsite for any of the rebar, but he did have a "supervisor" there. PB showed up morning of shoot and said they would add extra concrete for floor to make up for the slope and had to do the plumbing during the shoot to prevent further cave ins. Then he left, leaving the supervisor to make sure this happened. This did occur, and now we have a very thick concrete floor, but the slope is pretty much what we want. While they were shooting the walls they did put in the pipes for the returns (8) and the skimmers (4). We had planned for 10 returns but I guess I missed that while they were shooting and we only ended up with 4 on each side, and we wanted an extra two on the deep end side. Sorry so long.

    Anyway, here are my questions:
    There is a large deep footprint in the shallow end and ladder crevices (2) in the deep end, will the plaster cover this properly or do they need to do something further to fill it in before then?
    Will the 4 returns on each side be sufficient (probably have to make do with what we've got, right?)
    The returns are up on the top of the pool, should the ones in the deep end have been placed down further in order to heat and circulate more efficiently? (I know it's too late for this but I'm curious if other people have done this and if it's necessary).
    There is small piece of rebar sticking out in the wall of the shallow end, does this need to be cut off before plaster? Will this cause problems later?
    I know in different regions of the states things have to be done differently, but this construction process seems very strange, thoughts?

    I've searched this forum but can't seem to find answers or same situation scenarios, so if these are duplicate questions, sorry!

    I will also ask the PB these questions, of course, but want to get your opinions, too, because we're trying to make sure this is done right. We don't plan on having the pool finished before spring and the shell will sitting for a couple of months. Any advice, questions, or comments are welcome.

    Thank you! Great forum!

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    Re: Shotcrete shell questions

    First of all, welcome to the forum.

    I think your questions are reasonable and I think you will get good answers from your PB.

    The PB cannot easily change return locations but the eyeball fitting on your returns will direct the flow where you want it.

    Four returns sounds about perfect for that size pool.

    The footprint should be easily addressed with plaster.

    The rebar should probably be cut out down into the gunite a bit and then the plaster will go over it nicely.
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