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Thread: Remove hose from Polaris

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    Remove hose from Polaris

    I have a Polaris cleaner that I would like to remove the hose from as close as possible to the cleaner so that I can store things a little nicer for the winter. Every time I go to attempt to remove a hose it seems really snug and going to break something. Is there a ideal place to remove the hose?
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    Re: Remove hose from Polaris

    It's possible that the hose has become fused to the coupler. That happened to me once and I chose to leave the hose connected until it developed a leak and needed to be replaced. At that point, it didn't matter if the hose or coupler was damaged in removing it since I planned on replacing both. Thus, you are faced with the same choice of going ahead and trying to remove the hose and risk breaking it or leaving it in place until it needs to be replaced.

    To minimize the risk of this happening again, apply some gasket lube to the rubber gasket in the hose coupler. I've not experienced this problem since I began doing this.
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    Re: Remove hose from Polaris

    Howdy, Be sure you are unscrewing the hose nut off the correct way. I see many people actually turning the hose nuts the wrong way thus tightening them on to the hose. The nut actually goes on the barb that is on the cleaner first, then the hose is pushed over the barb, then the nut is screwed up on to the hose. If you are standing over the cleaner you will unscrew it clock-wise. Its a bit counterintuitive at first. Hope that does the trick! =)

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