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Thread: Pure 800ppm Hypochlorous for 8 weeks

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    Pure 800ppm Hypochlorous for 8 weeks

    I am new to pool industry and need some solid feedback. I have been testing liquid hypochlorous in 2 pools for 8 weeks. Liquid Hypo only - no other chemicals. I am confused by the outcome and am looking for pool pros to give me feedback. I want to learn this business. I balanced the pH to 7.5 on both pools before Hypo application. In one pool I measured FAC and poured in 2gal of 200ppm Hypo in a 20,000 gal pool. In the other I poured 4 gals of 800ppm Hypo in an 40,000gal pool (this pool had green). At this stage both pools are siting between 4-5 FAC and I have not added any Hypo to either in 3 weeks. Both are clean, stable, 7.5pH. How come the pH remained balanced? How come the FAC has not deteriorated after 3 weeks? I started a similar test in Florida on another 2 pools in Tampa. Neither were green when we started and added to both 200ppm FAC instead of the usual chlorine. Both pools have been stable with FAC at 7.5pH over the past 2 weeks without additional chemicals or Hypo. Starting a test with an experienced pool guy in California. Any suggestions, feedback or questions on how to figure this out? Sorry - I don't know the pool lingo. tks. Ed

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    Re: Pure 800ppm Hypochlorous for 8 weeks

    Welcome to tfp, HOCLtx

    I apologize but I am having a hard time following what you are doing. You mention 200 ppm and 800 ppm "Hypo" do you mean that you per-diliuted bleach/liquid chlorine to those Free Chlorine (FC) levels before adding to the pool? If yes, why?

    Also how are you testing for FC?

    Generally adding bleach/liquid chlorine is ph neutral since it raises up the ph when added but the ph drops back down as it is being used up.
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    Re: Pure 800ppm Hypochlorous for 8 weeks

    What are you calling "liquid hypochlorous"?

    Liquid chlorine is measured in percent strength (8%, 12%, etc) so I can't figure out what you are putting in the pool.

    Got a pic of the label?
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    Re: Pure 800ppm Hypochlorous for 8 weeks

    Welcome to the forum Ed.

    If you can clear up the questions above, it will give us a good place to start.
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