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Thread: Spa drained into pool - new homeowner needs help!

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    Spa drained into pool - new homeowner needs help!

    Hi guys - I'm Jill. I am a new homeowner and I have an inground pool with above ground spa. Last night while the filter was off, the spa drained into the pool. The spa water level is now about level with the pool.

    I have 3 pumps. One for the pool, one for the spa, and one for waterfalls. I also have an automatic pool vac.

    I called local pool guys but with thanksgiving no one can get here to help me. Can you guys help me troubleshoot and fix? I am on my own! I don't want to leave my filter off for obvious reasons! Do I fill the spa back up with a hose and just keep filter running until help arrives?!

    Here are pictures of my setup. Thank you!

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    Re: Spa drained into pool - new homeowner needs help!

    Welcome to the forum! These issues are usually the result of a bad check valve. Can you take a better picture of where the plumbing connects the spa to the pool?
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    Re: Spa drained into pool - new homeowner needs help!

    Sure thing - try these pics, if not I can shoot a video and get it on youtube. Thanks so much -

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    Re: Spa drained into pool - new homeowner needs help!

    I think your spa return is the pipe all the way to the right with all the zip ties on it. If possible take a picture strait down into the clear window. You can also verify if the little flap is closed if pool is off
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    Re: Spa drained into pool - new homeowner needs help!

    I also think the spa return is on the right with the check valve and tie wraps. The pipe just to the left of the spa return pipe may be the spa drain/suction pipe going into the jandy valve. The raised spa water level will drain down to or equalize with the pool water level if: (1) the spa return check valve is not fully closing or (2) the jandy valve on the suction side is not fully closed on the spa pipe side.

    Based on your pictures, it appears (1) the top jandy valve is positioned to send return flow equally to the pool and spa and (2) the bottom jandy valve is positioned for suction only from the pool (spa suction should be off/closed). Based on the valve settings, with the filter pump running the spa should slowly refill to its normal height (or spillover level if spillover is available).
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    Re: Spa drained into pool - new homeowner needs help!

    The round clear sight glasses that have screws all the way around and no handle are where you need to start.

    Look at each one and verify the flap is closed and not open/clogged with debris.

    As long as the pump stays on and water is being returned to the spa you should be ok until you can have the check valves serviced.
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