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Thread: JandyStealth 2.5 2 speed replacement

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    JandyStealth 2.5 2 speed replacement

    Pump is in the shop, would not turn on. When powered on the pump would make a humming sound for 3 secs then shut off. The impeller turns freely. I am getting prepared for when they tell me I have to replace the motor.

    My biggest issue is that my pump on low was barely maintaining the pool due to my setup (I believe). I have 5 returns, 2 of them are on the each corner by the steps and 3 returns on the north side of the pool. I think I do not get enough circulation as I get algae build up on the shaded side (south side) of the pool across from the return lines after heavy rains (if I do not boost chlorine). I have 2.5 inch pipes and 2 inch for the return and Lion Heads. Minimum 40 ft from pump to the first return to the pool.

    I usually run 12 hours on low with the vacuum valve all open and one third of the main drain open. This is the only way to get my navigator to run on low speed. With this setting the vacuum does not climb the walls. When solar is on the vacuum barely runs so I have to vacuum separately on high a couple of times a week.

    I am thinking about upgrading to a VS so I can dial in the flow on low so I can run the solar and vacuum at the same time. Maybe help with the circulation.

    KW .058090 first 1,000 .06884 over 1,000. We avg 2000 KW a month

    What are my options? Is it worth upgrading?
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    Re: JandyStealth 2.5 2 speed replacement

    Given your low electric rates and assuming the wet end of the pump is in good shape, it will be much more cost-effective to replace the motor with another 2-speed motor of the same Service Factor Horsepower (SFHP) rating as the current motor. Living in South Florida (as I once did), you are subject to a lot of T-storms. VS pumps have a lot of electronic controls that 2-speeds don't have. If you went with a VS pump, you would be well-advised to get a surge suppressor on the circuit that runs the pump in order to provide the electronics with protection from nearby lightning strikes. This will add to the cost of the VS pump. On the plus side, VS pumps will provide you with additional flexibility in speed settings.

    You should be able to get the solar to run on low speed with a 2-speed pump. Several forum members are running solar with much smaller pump motors in pools with volumes reasonably close to yours. Two things to check: (1) You will need to have a controller that can switch to high speed to prime the panels when solar is first engaged. Many solar controllers will do this automatically - see if yours does, and (2) Check the placement of the vacuum release valve. It should be located a few feed above the pad and on the supply side of the solar system. If your solar system is located on the roof and the vacuum release valve is also located there, that could be part of the problem since there is usually negative pressure on the roof on low speed.

    Quote Originally Posted by JCJR
    I think I do not get enough circulation as I get algae build up on the shaded side (south side) of the pool across from the return lines after heavy rains (if I do not boost chlorine).
    While poor circulation can be a factor in dealing with algae, inadequate chlorine is the primary cause of an algae outbreak. As an example, this summer I ran my pump for about 45 minutes / day on average but always made sure that the chlorine level never dropped below the minimum recommended for my CYA level. Not only did I not have any algae, Combined Chloramines (CC's) were always zero on every test I ran this year. Since you have SWG, you would not be able to get away with pump run times this low. However, it illustrates the point that inadequate chlorine is the leading cause of an algae outbreak while circulation is a secondary factor.
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