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Thread: Shopping for an above ground pool

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    Shopping for an above ground pool

    I have just started shopping for an above ground pool and am getting confused by all the features and options. All I know for sure is the I want a 24' round. Any suggestions on features and pump/filter choices? thanks

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    Re: Shopping for an above ground pool

    Welcome to TFP !
    Yea there is a ton to choose from. Have you decided on steel, resin, ? Will this pool be buried or not ? I wouldn't skimp on the liner. Get the thickest in mills you can afford.
    For the pump and filter, I would get a 1 hp 2 speed pump. For the filter, that is up to you. Wether it be DE, cart, or sand, they are all up to the job. Just make sure you size it correctly. pool-school/pool_filter_comparison
    Make sure you get yourself a good test kit. Best investment you'll make. pool-school/pool_test_kit_comparison
    Take some time and do some reading in pool school. Here is a good start pool-school/pool_water_chemistry
    Any questions just ask. Lots of good people here. Enjoy the forum.
    24'x54" AG Morada RTR (by wilbar) 13'500 gal. Hayward Powerflo Matrix 1hp 2 speed. Hayward Perflex EC65 DE filter.

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    Re: Shopping for an above ground pool

    Jeff has given you some great food for thought. Keep reading and looking for problem areas on this sub forum and also the pump sub forum. While generally you get what you pay for, which does seem to hold true alot in pool equipment, your ability to care for it is also a major factor on how well your equipment lasts.

    I love pool covers......a covered pool generally has no leaves or junk in it. However, with a 24' pool, you will need a reel or a couple of people to help get that on and off. That's another sub forum you also need to look at too.

    You haven't said where you live.....have you considered a heater for your pool? That can add substantial cost and headaches getting power and/or gas to the heater. Speaking of power, do you have your pool location set yet? Have power to that area yet? Do your codes allow you to install that electrical setup or will it cost good $$ to get it done?

    My brother-in-law has had a 24' pool for the past 3 years. It is steel sided with resin top rail. They also got the heaviest liner they could....nice setup and they have not had any problems with it, but with no trees or anything else around in their new subdivision, I wouldn't expect much trouble compared to my mature, fully tree lined older subdivision I live in 5 miles away. I like the strength of the steel walls and the softness (not quite the right word) of the resin rails, especially in the hot sun.

    I would imagine the "sales" are on in a big way right now from the pool stores. You should be able to find a nice pool for a fair price. If you can level the yard and put it up with a couple of friends, you could have a nice setup for minimal outlay. Incase you have never had a pool, preparation is the key to a AGP. A good level area and smooth sand base will be absolutely positively needed.

    Please do NOT take any advice from the pool store as far as chemicals needed. Read pool least 3 times if you haven't already. You should need bleach 99% of the time. Some other stuff too, but only IF the pool water needs it. No additives, no anti this or anti that. A pool can either be a nightmere or an enjoyment for all. Proper testing and chemical usage/awareness IS the second part to pool ownership and comes after proper installation of your pool and pool equipment.

    Make sure you realize that your electricity bill is getting ready to go up. How much? Well time for you to do more reading here......there are some new amazing variable speed pumps that will save huge amounts of electricity for a huge price tag. A two speed pump (like Jeff recommended) is an excellent compromise between price and saving the electricity bill. You might also want to read up on timers and such (with 2 speed pumps), many of us don't run 24/7.......I am down to roughly 8 hours a day and could easily go half that because my pool is covered unless being used. So no junk falling in the pool to mess stuff up.

    Finally, earlier this year, there were a number of good threads on "what kind of pool should I buy" right here on this sub forum. Go back 7 or 8 months and start looking for some of those type threads. As I recall there was some excellent discussions about specific name brand and models that should be helpful for you. Hit the "under construction" sub forum too so you can see some AGP installations and what it takes to put one will help you if you want to put it up yourself or know what's going on so you can ensure your installer is doing stuff correctly.

    Good luck!!

    Bob E.

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    Re: Shopping for an above ground pool

    Great Info!!! I will start reading...Thanks!

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