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Thread: Tracking PVC pipe connected to pool deck drains.

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    Tracking PVC pipe connected to pool deck drains.

    Hello. Sounds more like a PVC plumbing problem but it is connected (literally) to the drains all around the pool deck.
    I have half a dozen of these type of drains

    The last one, lowest in elevation on the chain, is connected to a PVC segment that at some point drained to the sidewalk at the front of the house. It is now clogged.

    I am trying to locate this PVC segment, so I can dig, and decide if a roto-rooter would work or if I cut it and connect to another segment which is unclogged and working good.

    Unfortunately I cannot use a roto-rooter snake long enough from the last drain because they installed them with 90degree T junctions, instead of long curved elbows, the cable will not bend and spin at a 90degree angle. The drain king balloon of the proper size does not bend either.
    I found such a thing like radar emitters that go into the pipe and a sensor above ground follows the signal, but it may be up to $200 just for the rental and technician.

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    Re: Tracking PVC pipe connected to pool deck drains.

    Will any water pass through the pipes?? If so a piece of PVC pipe put against your ear works wonders for hearing flowing water. Just walk where you think the pipe is while allowing the water to flow thru the pipe. Listen for the flow while the PVC amplifies the sound.

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    Re: Tracking PVC pipe connected to pool deck drains.

    It might be worth calling a pro. A roto-rooter without the cutting tip might make the bend, and the also have tiny video cameras that can look inside pipes.
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