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Thread: AquaLogic 2 speed pump problem

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    AquaLogic 2 speed pump problem

    Our original 1 speed pump died, so I replaced it with a new 2 speed (specifically, a SP1615Z2MC - a Century 1081), rewired the AquaLogic PS8 panel to use the free Aux4 relay for the low speed (per the install guide), and reprogrammed the AquaLogic (rev 2.32) system to use the new 2 speed pump, setting pump filter to 2 speed and Aux4 to low speed, etc. All seemed to go well, but when starting the system, it starts the pump on high, then after the 3 minute prime period, the panel switches to low speed and the pump stops (system seems to think the pump is running on low speed even though the pump is idle).

    It's hard to tell from the pics, so for reference the following will assume the terminals on the relays are A,B,C,D from left to right.

    The original wiring on the panel seemed a bit screwy to me...note the red tape on on the L2 main feed, and that the lower pole of the dual breaker is wired to terminal C of the Filter Pump Relay(FPR) instead of A; and the top pole of the breaker is wired to terminal A of the FPR instead of C. However, the system has been working for years, so I just followed they way the terminals were wired when wiring the new Aux4 Relay (A4R) and motor.

    Also for reference:

    - The original single speed motor was wired from the FPR to the motor as follows:
    FPR B -> L1 on the motor
    FPR D -> L2 on the motor

    - I've attached 2 pics of the panel, the original, and the rewired panel using A4R.

    - The new wiring with the A4R included is as follows (pics wiring may be hard to follow):
    FPR A -> A4R A
    FPR B -> A4R B
    FPR C -> A4R C

    FPR B -> L1 on 2 speed motor
    FPR D -> L2 on 2 speed motor (center post, labeled as high speed)
    A4R D -> L2 on 2 speed motor (bottom post, labeled as low speed)

    Any insights would be most appreciated. Also, when programming the configuration of the Aux4 relay in the AquaLogic, the Function is set to Low Speed Filter, however I noted that it still provided the Interlock Enable/Disable option... which the manual said should not be available when set to Low Speed Filter. I left it Enabled, perhaps something's wrong with the programming?
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    Re: AquaLogic 2 speed pump problem

    Ugh... nevermind, figured it out... was a problem with the config settings in the AquaLogic unit. Everything was set properly, but for some reason it was periodically reseting the Aux4 settings... just not saving the configs properly. I had to set it three times in a row before it "stuck". It's old and flaky and will likely be replaced soon. Regardless, I'll leave the thread in case someone else finds it useful in the future.

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    Re: AquaLogic 2 speed pump problem

    Hi, welcome to TFP! I'm glad you were able to figure out the problem so quickly.
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