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Thread: 2007 Sundance Maxxus issue

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    2007 Sundance Maxxus issue

    Hi all. Does anyone have advice for searching this problem: Prior to draining the tub there were 2 error codes, (1) "COOL" and (2) FLO. The screen was blinking. The heater, waterfall, blower, and one of the two pumps would not turn on. One pump did turn on.

    I drained the tub and just to see if possibly it was an air bubble, I disconnected the waterfall/circulation pump from the panel, then powered it up and tried the blower to blow out those lines, but it would still not turn on.

    What would cause the blower, waterfall/circulation, heater, and one of the two other pumps to not turn on??

    Thank you.


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    2007 Sundance Maxxus issue

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    Hi... sorry if this is a duplicate post.

    Before I drained the tub there were 2 error codes: (1) FLO (2) COOL. The screen was blinking. Only one ump worked. Nothing else turned on, the waterfall, circulation pump, the blower, the heater, the "other" pump ALL would not turn on.

    I drained the tub and sucked/blew out lines, pumps, etc. Then I disconnected the circulation pump from the panel and powered up the tub to try to use the blower to blow out those lines. But the blower did not turn on.

    What would cause the heater/waterfall circulation, blower and one of the remaining two pumps to not turn on?

    Thank you.


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    Re: 2007 Sundance Maxxus issue

    It sound like either second pump is totally out and/or an electrical issue. If your second pump is not working your waterfall and heater would not work. Your tub would not have enough flo to make them operational. As far as the rest, it could be a fuse, relay....etc....or depending on where the pressure swtch is these other components might be affected by a circulation pump being out.....or even just the second pump beng out. I would check fuses first, then pressure switch, then the second big pump, then the circulation pump.
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    Re: 2007 Sundance Maxxus issue

    Sorry I don't have your answer, but I wanted to say welcome to TFP!
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    Re: 2007 Sundance Maxxus issue

    I have a Sundance Optima. According to the manual, "flo" means "heater is deactivated. Pump may also be deactivated. Proper flow of water is inhibited or a flow switch has malfunctioned. Check for proper water level and check for clogged stage 2 filter. Contact your dealer or service".

    If you don't have a manual, you can download one online. I'm dealing with a "flo 2" code; I'm waiting for the service guy to call me back.
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