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Thread: Winter pool cover discussion

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    Winter pool cover discussion


    I have an in-ground pool with a raised hot tub and waterfall into the pool. Total, its about 13k gallons. I live in Las Vegas so the winters here are not bad in comparison to other areas in the U.S., but my neighbor has these tall and pesky eucalyptus trees that dump leaves and more into my pool. During the summer time I can deal with it, because I am in the backyard and pool often. But during the winter I am hardly ever outside.

    I am thinking of getting those winter pool covers they sell at Leslie's Pool Supplies. I would not anchor them to the concrete, but I would purchase some water bags to weigh down the tarp thus preventing anything from blowing into the pool.

    Here are some concerns of mine:

    1. Upon inspection, they just look like a glorified blue tarp you can get at Home Depot for half the price. What do you all use? Leslie's has three different types/qualities for example. Other than thickness, the "winter covers" have additional straps you can attach to concrete anchors.

    2. For those of you with raised hot tubs, what is the best way to use a winter cover? For example, do you just use one extra long tarp to go from one end of the pool to the other end of the hot tub? This would mean it would go up and over the water fall. My only concern there is the water splashing on the inside of the tarp, would it cause any problems (i.e. mold, deterioration due to chlorine, etc).

    Any advice you have would be appreciated. Would love to lock down my pool for the winter, yet still have access to the hot tub for those cold nights. Thanks!

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    Re: Winter pool cover discussion

    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm going to be on this path of discovery myself soon and I know there are lots of opinions on it, but we are going with a mesh cover right now. Still considering a solid, but less so all the time.
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    Re: Winter pool cover discussion

    The way I understand with the hot tub waterfall into the pool. I would use one large cover rather than one for pool and one for spa. Cause of the fact that you wont be able to secure the tarp cover where the hot tub goes overflows into the pool depending on how tall it is. The tarp covers are not able to anchor to the "brass anchors" even if you wanted them to. They are used with safety covers.
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