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Thread: Just filled pool - now what?

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    Just filled pool - now what?

    Ok, I'm a newbie and need some piece of mind............after the acid wash of our Pebble Sheen on Friday, we began filling the pool. The complete fill finally finished Saturday night around 10pm. At about 4am we had torrential downpours for a few hours. Luckily the over flow worked just fine It is Sunday now and I'm wondering if there is anything I should be putting into the pool (chemicals)? I've brushed down the plaster as best I could and could see grey sediment clouds coming up (we have dark Pebble Sheen). My pool builder will be here tomorrow to start up all the equipment and I imagine put in the start up chemicals, but I just feel I should be doing something now to be sure the water is ok. I keep envisioning this massive algae pond that will be too late to fix by the time the PB starts throwing chemicals in it tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, my test kit hasn't arrived yet, so I wasn't able to test the fill water before it rained.

    I also fear what the addition of so much rain may have caused?

    Do I have reason to be concerned or should I just hang tight and wait for the PB tomorrow?

    Thanks everyone!!!
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    Re: Just filled pool - now what?

    Welcome to TFP! this link should help answer a few questions for you.
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    Re: Just filled pool - now what?

    You won't have anything to worry about. Let the pool PB do his thing. I went through a similar situation in June and my pool guy left me hanging for 3 days and we also had some good rains. I just let the pump run for about 8 hours a day. When the pool company came, they did a wet acid treatment for a couple of days until I called them. When they finally called back, they said to start balancing the water.... slowly. They apparently did not want me to over compensate. When I could finally get to the point where I could use the test kit to get some readings that were within the range of measurement, I continued to balance. In my case, I used tabs for about 6 weeks to get the CYA up to 30-40 and help satisfy the acid demand. From there on out, it has mostly been the BBB method (mostly bleach and acid). However, you will need to follow your PB instructions for warranty purposes if applicable.
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