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Thread: Pump Voltage Switch Wiring

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    Pump Voltage Switch Wiring

    Ugh, boy did I do it...

    I have the "U.S. Motors" 2HP motor (formerly Emerson 1202 aka EUSQ1202 aka USQ1202) that's often used as a replacement for AO Smith square-flange pumps.

    After I had rebuilt the pump, I began moving it into the equipment pad, navigating between different pipes. I just tapped the back of it, which proceeded to shatter the voltage switch (the tiny switch inside the back cap that switches from 115-to-230v). Little did I know this switch is made of self-exploding plastic of some sort!

    Now I've got 5 wires (spade terminals) and no idea which of them goes where. Feeling to embarrassed to post here, I first sought Google's help.

    I've spent the last 2 hours searching and I cannot find any sort of wiring schematic or approach to determine which wires go where.

    Do any of the TFP members have any idea how to wire this up? Even the link to a wiring diagram would be fine. Or some idea of what I should test on the wires to determine what goes where.

    Rather than buy a replacement switch, I'd prefer to simply hard-wire the pump as a 230v.

    Thank you in advance
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    Re: Pump Voltage Switch Wiring

    Search for dual voltage motor wiring.

    It's kinda confusing, but there are two sets of main windings (not counting the start winding). On low voltage, the windings are paralleled and on high voltage they are in series. You have to be cognizant of the phasing of the windings so they don't buck each other. Sorry I can't provide a specific switch wiring diagram.
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    Re: Pump Voltage Switch Wiring

    Thank you Dave,
    Wow, the right search term makes a lot of difference!

    I've been able to find a couple more helpful pages on the first page of Google using your terminology ("Dual Voltage"): ... grams.aspx

    This is an awesome post that might be good for others that stumble upon this post, as well: ... ng-159221/

    This is a wiring diagram for a different pump by US Motors. If I could determine what T1-T6 wires were (some way of connecting the color to the terminal-number) I'd give this a shot, but here again I'm stuck!

    Despite all of the good information, I still haven't figured it out. The second link seems to have the information I'll need, of course I'm not sure whether pool motors are considered Clockwise or CCW, but I'm assuming CW.

    In the meantime, I'll keep looking/learning, if all fails, buy a new motor as a backup, using it to compare the wiring.

    Thanks again for the tip, it's amazing how the right terminology makes all the difference .
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    Re: Pump Voltage Switch Wiring

    You could contact the place you bought the motor from to ask them. The manufacturer would probably help you with this.
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    Re: Pump Voltage Switch Wiring

    I bought the motor directly from the distributor (Gorman) they'd be no help, unfortunately. As a matter of fact, buying from any retailer down here in South Florida, I can't imagine any of them having an answer for this one. I am friends with a few shops locally and none of them had any idea.

    I was able to locate an identical pump I had installed for a friend. Once I was able to get back behind the switch, I was able to see that it was simply a matter of connecting the Blue-Yellow wire for 230v. For 115v the Blue would connect to to the white and the other blue to the white-black wire. Interesting that the 230v only requires one closed circuit while the 115v requires two.

    This one can be marked as solved, on the odd chance someone else stumbles upon this same issue.
    15,000 gal/16x32 Doughboy expandable vinyl liner pool, w/deep end
    Hayward Pro Series high rate sand filter/Powerflow Matrix 1.5 hp pump

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