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Thread: Choosing Pool Company to Replaster Pool

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    Choosing Pool Company to Replaster Pool

    I am getting estimates on having our pool replastered. We recently moved into our home that had a 13 year old pool. The pool had been painted about 5 years ago. Iím not sure why the previous owners decided to paint vs replaster. The paint is wearing off and the porous gunite material is exposed. I have had four pool repair companies come give estimates on replaster only or a complete overhaul of plaster, tile, and coping. I need some help with how to choose best pool company and what extend of a job I should do.
    1. Three of the estimates came back with a replaster only cost range of $6700 Ė $7200. These do not include the chemicals after refill or the cost to come out every day to brush . The fourth estimate was $4200, which includes the chemicals on refill and coming out every day to brush. That is a huge difference in price. What kind of questions should I ask to ensure that the lower cost company does have a comparable scope and job method? He is going to take me around to see other replaster jobs they have done and gave me customer contacts to call.
    2. All four had similar retile and recoping costs. A retile would be 2300 and recoping 2500 on average. When doing a replaster job, is it best to go ahead and do all the work. Right now, the tile is in good shape. None are loose or cracked. The coping however is showing signs of cracking. Of the 100 linear foot pool, there are about 20ish pieces that are cracked/damaged. It appears maybe freeze damage has occurred, causing chunks to break off.
    3. If doing replaster only, is it hard to come back and to the top section repairs at a later date.
    4. Does having gunite exposed make algae control harder? Does the pourous material give crevices for algae to grow that the FC can not get to and brushing doesnít stir up. I donít want to get sidetracked on this thread about replaster, but I am fighting algae that returns even after doing a SLAM and maintaining FC needed based on CyA levels along with brushing and removing leaves.
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    Re: Choosing Pool Company to Replaster Pool

    Is there a reason you're not able to do the brushing after the plaster is installed? No sense in paying someone else to do it, if you're able to.

    (I'll let someone else more experienced answer all the rest of your questions.)
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    Re: Choosing Pool Company to Replaster Pool

    I can do the brushing on the other quotes. They charge 600 extra to do. But the lower price quote includes the chemicals and brushing.
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    Re: Choosing Pool Company to Replaster Pool

    Welcome to the forum!

    So what do you want to know about? You asked a lot of questions about plaster/re-plaster and one about algae at the end, but said you don't want to get sidetracked on plaster.

    If you don't like the condition of the coping, now is the best time to re-do it without question.

    Yes algae is harder to get rid of growing on gunite if it is indeed so. Especially if it is black algae. If any algae is recurring post SLAM, you didn't get it all killed, or you've had low FC since. Maybe both. Can you give a current set of test results for us to look at?
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    Re: Choosing Pool Company to Replaster Pool

    Sorry. Meant to say didn't want to get sidetracked from the plaster question by talking algae

    My main question for now is what specifically look for in a contractor to repair pool. I like the thought of paying 4200 vs 7000. With that huge of a difference, I'm concerned about quality of low bidder.

    Here are current numbers using the TF-100 kit
    FC 6
    CC 0
    PH 7.5
    TA 60
    CyA 50
    CH 350

    When I slammed pool, I kept at slam levels for 3 days even though I had no overnight cl loss and the water was clear. I waited until I did not see the green tint to the bottom when I brushed. I have always had a white dust when I sweep. My dolphin cleaner picks up a white grainy material I think is side of pool.
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    Re: Choosing Pool Company to Replaster Pool

    oh, and when I rub the grainy material between fingers, a white chalky material coats my fingers. I was thinking this may be the paint coming off. That is why I'm wondering if algae is harder to keep away if gunite is exposed. parts of floor and wall are very rough

    And post SLAM, i made sure my FC stayed within range, checked every morning. I agree that I may not have gotten it all, but from all the test criteria, I looked good. Maybe the white dust I was stirring up still had algae and I couldn't tell. The filter doesn't seem to remove all the material at bottom of pool, seems to settle before it can get filtered.
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    Re: Choosing Pool Company to Replaster Pool

    That is a huge cost difference.

    What are they plastering with same or different materials.

    If you plan to keep the house then tou probably want to go with somthing like a pebble fina or another more durable material than just plaster.

    Ask them what their prep routine is.

    Generally you get one month of startup included. You are saying these bids do not include the startup?
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    Re: Choosing Pool Company to Replaster Pool

    Thanks for input. I'm going to go look at a replaster job tomorrow done by the low cost bidder.

    As for startup, only the low bid included. Everyone else was an additional 500.

    We tend to move every 5 years or less, so I don't see us here long term. That's why I have considered only doing replaster and leaving tile and coping as is.

    I'll need to ask them all about prep work. What the bids say is sandblast and acid wash and apply adhesive bond.
    25Kgal gunite pool. 1 hp pentair pump. Triton II model TR-60 275lb sand filter. Dolphin cleaner.

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