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Thread: backwash

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    I hope this is an easy question.
    I am taking care of my sisters pool and the last time I vacuumed it the jets sprayed out a dark cloud after I backwashed. I did realize after that I had forgotten to rinse. (stupid but true) I left the valves the same as I was vacuuming since my hubbie had told me to do.
    Anyway, what are the right settings for the valves during backwashing? Should I leave them the same way as when I am vacuuming or should I change them back to the filtration setting, backwash, back to vacuum setting and vacuum remaining part of pool, back to filtration, done?
    Thanks for the info. i'm quit nervous now to vacuum again.

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    Re: backwash

    Welcome to tfp, greth32

    What type of filter is it? Does it have a multiport valve (usually round with at least 5 settings set by rotating the handle)?

    If you are just doing generally vacuuming, then I would leave the filter set to the "filter" setting. Backwash the filter whenever the pressure goes up 25% from the "clean" filter pressure.
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    Re: backwash

    Thanks for your reply.
    It is a filter like you are describing. It's got a handle which can be turned to waste, backwash, rinse, filtration, and one more that I can't remember. It's 10:30pm here now and I'm not at my sisters house so can't go to look.
    Usually I would go in, turn 3 valves and turn the pump on and would vacuum. My husband says that I can just leave those valves in the "vacuum" position to backwash. So I would turn of the pump. Turn the handle to backwash and turn pump back on. Water comes out the drain from the pool. Turn of pump. Handle to rinse. Pump back on. Back to filtration to continue to vacuum. The thing is that a year ago I looked after a friend (mega) pool and I vaguely remember that During backwash I would turn the 3 valves back into the filtration position.
    Like I said. I'm nervous to vacuum again because of my last incident and wanted to see if anyone can tell me how they are doing it. I know my sisters system is very basic. The only automatic thing about her's is the timer for the pump.
    Hope I am clear.
    Thanks again.

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