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Thread: Can't drain Skimmer Line

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    Can't drain Skimmer Line

    Hi, This was my first year closing my pool and we live in Canada where it will freeze. I followed all steps I could find from this forum, other websites, pool chemical supplier etc. I have only had a problem confirming that I've blown out all my lines successfully. Pretty sure I've blown out the return lines, as I saw water go to just blowing mist out of the jets. I drained my heater and pump, and blew throught them to be sure of the same. I blew through my filter, and saw mist coming out of the pressure valve and clear bottle openings, and just dribble coming out of the bottom drain cover opening. But it still feels quite heavy.

    My biggest concern is the skimmer lines. Water would not blow right out of the lines. Seems to be at the new lowered pool level. I have only one line going back to the pump and equipment pad, so somehow my main drain and skimmer are connected. The Pool supplier told me that I would not be able to blow out, because of this config, and to just use the foam cords and antifreeze.

    Does this sound right? Really concerned I'm going to have a burst line under my skimmer or in my filter. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Can't drain Skimmer Line

    Welcome to tfp, canadapool?

    Does you skimmer connect to a floor drain or an equalizer line that is below it (does the skimmer have two holes in the bottom?)?
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    Re: Can't drain Skimmer Line

    Hi, Yes my skimmer has 2 holes in the bottom. Not positive about an equilizer line, but I only have one line that goes from the skimmer to the pump & filter and there is suction from both the holes when the pump is on. The pump and filter happen to be about 5 feet above pool grade, if it makes any difference. Thanks.

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    Re: Can't drain Skimmer Line

    Correction - I called my Pool Builder to confirm. He says the main drain line goes to the skimmer, then there is just the one Skimmer return line to the pump & Filter. He confirmed that I wouldn't be able to drain the line to the main drain. But I wasn't able to blow out the skimmer line to the pump (I guess being uphill makes it harder). Can't seem to find where to rent a powerful enough pool blower. Will check with pool supplier.

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    Re: Can't drain Skimmer Line

    A shop vac or leaf blower should be sufficient to blow the lines out. If your having difficulties make sure your not trying to blow the wrong way against a check valve.which if your equipment is that much higher than the pool i am sure you have.
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    Re: Can't drain Skimmer Line

    Try blowing from the pump end. Mine is much easier to blow that way. Looks like Old Faithful on the pool deck for a while.
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