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Thread: Any complications from compost getting in the pool?

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    Any complications from compost getting in the pool?

    I've been doing some landscaping projects, and I have a pile of compost on the side of the yard that I bought. There has been some wind this week and its blown compost into the pool- a fine black layer all on the bottom. I brushed it off of the steps and the cleaner is sucking up the rest to filter it, but is there anything I should be worried about from the introduction of all that organic material and stuff to the pool?

    The pool water is still clear. Because I know somebody will ask, here are my current measurements. My pool chemistry numbers are a bit whacky right now because I made a couple of unrelated blunders over the past couple of weeks, but nothing too crazy (I turned my salt cell down a month or so ago as the days were getting shorter, but turned it down too much and didnt realize it until I read FC of 0.5 last week, but I overreacted and dumped some bleach in and turned the salt cell back up at the same time, so now my FC is too high. At the same time, I dialed down my Intelliph too much and the PH got too high, so when I realized that I cranked it back up but overshot, so the PH got too low. I'm aerating now to bring it back up).

    FC 15
    CC 0
    PH 7.2
    TA 60
    CH 475
    CYA 50
    16k gal IG pool with SWG and DiamondBrite finish
    Pentair Intelliflo pump with 520 sq ft cartridge filter

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    Re: Any complications from compost getting in the pool?

    Just keep an eye on FC consumption and if you suspect something, do an OCLT. Also, I would get it off the pool surfaces as soon as possible or it is possible to get tannin staining, though that can be removed over time with slightly higher than normal chlorine levels.

    As for aerating to bring ph up, your TA is right at the minimum we recommend (unless you also have Borates near 50 ppm), so you may want to consider using borax to raise ph instead of aeration if you need to raise it again (I think it is fine at 7.2 or higher).
    TFP Expert who uses Pool School and my TF100 test kit along with PoolMath for my: Round 11K gallon AGP with deep end, 20" sand filter, Matrix 1hp 2spd, 6 2ftX20ft solar panels (and solar cover!), Intex SWCG (copper bars disconnected) and a Rubadub hot tub (chlorine). The SLAM process is not finished until: 1. CC < 0.5 ppm, 2. An OCLT < 1.0 ppm and, 3. The water is crystal clear.

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