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Thread: Is this algae?

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    Is this algae?

    So, every day I come home to this. I run the dolphin and it's gone, but tomorrow after work it will be back. I've SLAMmed. Yesterday FC was 11.5 at around 2PM. Today its 9 at noon, so I think had I done the test yesterday after dark and this AM before sunrise it would have been in the 1ppm OCLT area. What should I do? I'm using the BBC method.
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    20000 gal inground vinyl liner, HTH 6 Way test with Taylor FAS-DPD for CL, Dolphin DX4 Cleaner

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    Re: Is this algae?

    Not a great pic, but it's spotty all around the shallow end, and in the deep end it sits in the corners and ramps. Kinda light brown in color
    20000 gal inground vinyl liner, HTH 6 Way test with Taylor FAS-DPD for CL, Dolphin DX4 Cleaner

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    Re: Is this algae?

    When you followed the SLAM procedure, did you keep your FC level up at shock level for your CYA, according to the FC/CYA chart until you passed all 3 criteria?
    A full set of test results would be great!
    Also, how do you chlorinate your pool, IE. your CL source?

    Is this only on the floor of the pool, not the walls, all over, or just shady areas?
    I have this same problem in my pool, due to it's inadequate filter that doesn't trap all of the eensy weensy dust particles of dirt.

    My solution is to run "Mr. Roper", the Pool Rover Jr. to let it pick up any loose debris, but it leaves this behind because of it's sticky nature, think velcro hooks on a microscopic scale. It's so grippy that rapidly swooshing a skimming net over it does very little to disturb it.
    Once Mr. Roper gets done & I pull him out, I then brush it vigorously to kick up all that fine earthen dirt. I then clean the 5 micron bag in the rover and place it over the return.
    Now, as it passes through the filter+pump, what it doesn't catch, the bag catches. I just leave the bag on there until it's time to vacuum the large debris again, or I see the pool bottom is clean after about 12-24hrs. Works a treat!!

    Though if I take the bag off, it'll build up as soon as the wind picks up, or junk falls to the bottom.
    It's only a problem in the fall it seems.

    Mine looks completely brown, but yours looks brownish green. Which I'm thinking would be influenced by your liner color.

    Please post the info on your filtration system, as I don't see it in your sig. Sand, cart, DE and it's size, plus the pump HP & type you have on it as well as your runtime. If you don't know what's what, post what you can find and we can help you determine the rest.
    If it's a sand filter and it has been more than one season since you set it up, you need to deep clean it. See my sig.

    Once you have done that, if you still aren't achieving results, add some DE/cellulose powder to it. See Pool School for a how to.
    Thanks for reading... - Tony
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    Pump & Cart Mod: 1000gph Cart. 5ft² - 2 nylons, 24/7 OP. Traps bugs/bits, lasts longer/cleans easier = Happier Pool Owner!!
    The Bible for a "Trouble Free Pool" life = PoolSchool, the BBB method a TF100 test kit(Recommend Kits Compared). - Cleaning a Sand Filter
    Water looks like GLASS, if yours doesn't...SLAM IT! Feels nice and never been happier!!! :D

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