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Thread: Mesh Safety Cover Advice

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    Mesh Safety Cover Advice

    I've looked through a lot of the old posts on the mesh safety covers, but there has been no consensus and no feedback on the In the Swim (GLI) branded cover. Not sure what my best bet would be between the following:

    1) ... Rectangle/ In the Swim (made by GLI). Standard Mesh. Cheapest option

    2) ... Rectangle/ Meyco Mesh. Standard Mesh. I doubt this is worth the price over the 1st but I could be wrong.

    3) ... Rectangle/ Covertech. Tight Knit Mesh

    4) ... Rectangle/ Loop-Loc. Tight Knit, brand speaks for itself.

    Sorry Loop-Loc, but I don't need it to hold an elephant. I've got a 10 lb dog now and assume small children in the future. I am more concerned about durability. If the Loop-Loc would last that much longer then I have no problem. Is the tight knit mesh worth an upgrade on 3 and 4? Would the cheapest option (1) be all I need?

    Let me know which you would go with given the prices.

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    Re: Mesh Safety Cover Advice

    I sell loop-loc, but I know you are trying to save money. I would maybe pick a brand that would match the anchor points of the loop-loc. That way if you hate the cheap cover you can upgrade with out having to re-drill. The price on the GLI cover is less than my cost for the loop-loc of the same size.
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    Re: Mesh Safety Cover Advice

    Like most people, I just want the best value for the money. If the Loop-Loc lasts twice as long and is much easier to use then I have no problem paying the extra. If any two of the middle options give me the same performance for a better price I am open to either of them also. If the cheaper option gives me even 80-90% of the service life and quality of any of the others, that would be my best choice.
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    Re: Mesh Safety Cover Advice

    Last try.... Looking to make a purchase soon.... Anyone else been through this lately?
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    Re: Mesh Safety Cover Advice

    I kind of went through this very thing recently (not exactly). I was deciding between a cover and a fence. I ultimately ended up with the pool fence for ease of use. Putting that net on after each swim isn't realistic and without it you lose all safety. Your options are more of a 'cover' than just a 'net' though, so you look to have different requirements than I had.
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    Re: Mesh Safety Cover Advice

    My take on pool covers is you get what you pay for. The less you pay, the shorter it lasts and the less sunlight it keeps out. Shorter life equals more aggravation and more sunlight means more likely for a swamp come spring. Aesthetics also comes into play if you are considering going very inexpensive, i.e. The blue tarp. I voted to go for clearer water and longer lasting, Merlin SmartMesh. I'll be able to give you a full evaluation of my choice in about 10 years. It is being made now.

    But the fact is resources are finite and choices have to be made. I made what I felt were sacrifices in other areas.
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