I just rec'd an email and letter from my automatic pool cover company advising me that some blue "Little Giant" cover pumps have been recalled.
I have copied the notice here-

Dear Pool Cover Customer,
You are receiving this notice because you have a Little Giant Pool Cover Pump that came with your automatic cover
system. The manufacturer of this pump, Franklin Electric has issued the following recall notice.
They have identified a potential performance issue with item numbers 577301 and 577303 during a high fluid switch level
event (which include, but are not limited to; large rain events, submerging the pump completely, inverting the pump, etc.).
When the float switch is raised higher than the activation level it could become lodged, preventing it from returning to the off
Affected Date Codes
If you recently purchased a cover pump from us (image below) or your automatic pool cover was recently installed, the pump
you have may fall into the affected date codes below.
Please note that only pumps with the following date codes could be affected:
Affected Date Codes 12J(12I) · 12K · 12L · 13A · 13B
Date Code Location
The date code is visible on the side of the pump as indicated within circle of the image below. Should you have a pump with
one of the date codes listed and are experiencing problems, you may ask for a free replacement. Please complete the online
form at the following link: fele.net/RTN and hit “Submit”.
You may also mail the form to:
Franklin Electric
Warranty Dept.
301 N McArthur Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
Attn: Joy Taylor
800-809-3156 or Fax the form to: 800-701-8046
Franklin Electric will send you a packet in the mail with instructions on what to do. You do not need to send the pump
back, just the label in the image above that reads: CAT 577301 or CAT 577303 with the DATE CODE. You can continue to
use your existing pump until a new one is sent.
All replacement requests must be submitted to Franklin Electric no later than September 30th, 2014. Please email
apcp1700questions@fele.com with any questions you may have.
Franklin Electric always strives for, and continues to provide quality products. They apologize for any inconvenience.