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Thread: It's school, Dude (not for the squeamish)

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    It's school, Dude (not for the squeamish)

    In my profession, currently Day Custodian at a public school, there will come a time that one will be called upon to do something that one has never before yesterday.

    I know what I want...I want a little guillotine built out back of the chillers for all those stupid pigeons that fly into the building, are broken to pieces, leaking life, still alive and the young people find them and call to you for assistance.

    Of course, you have to send THEM away because the task at hand isn't pleasant and tossing the bird alive into the trash to suffer further isn't an option. So I went to the maintenance room. No hatchet, no spade. Just plastic snow shovels and....a hammer. I found it difficult to maintain my composure but managed to keep it together thinking that bird might be dead by the time I returned.

    No such luck. That pigeon had pulled itself up into a sitting position all nice and pretty yet leaking like a sieve. That's not tolerated here. I had to take care of it.

    Every time I brought the hammer down, I had a knee jerk reaction and pulled its head out of the way. I had to focus to be merciful. OMG! It was swift and it was merciful yet it didn't stop me from throwing a catterwallin', swearin' fit as I deposited it into the trash out back of the building.

    When I returned to scrub away the evidence, it was the Assistant Principal who suggested it be added to the job description. I couldn't agree more! There are some things that you just have to vent.
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    Re: It's school, Dude (not for the squeamish)

    As a Kindergarten teacher I thank you! We have several places mom birds like to build can guess what happens every once in a while--------baby bird falls out and gets hurt. If it is not hurt the baby is put back in the nest and we hope for the best. If it is hurt.......we call for the "care taker". The littles (smaller kids) KNOW that Mr. B. can take care of any thing so all is good. If they ask any questions we just tell them that Mr. B. took good care of the baby and the kids are happy with that.

    It is not a fun job but when it is done well you are making a difference in many little lives.


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    Re: It's school, Dude (not for the squeamish)

    I think you need a cat.
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    Re: It's school, Dude (not for the squeamish)

    I'm sorry you had to experience that. It sounds like an aspect of the job I could not handle.
    I wonder if placing a bird in a cloth of some kind and breaking its neck would be easier? I wouldn't relish the task but guess it would be a more palatable approach than the mallet approach?
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    Re: It's school, Dude (not for the squeamish)

    Thanks for doing such a yucky job. I am such a tender heart that I have been guilty of trying to save injured bats. I have hacked apart plenty of snakes in my day, but I only hurt the ones that could hurt me or my kids. The rest of them I ignore or relocate. I would be super hard pressed to hit a bird with a hammer, even though I knew it was an act of kindness. I never could dove hunt. I just couldn't dispatch the poor little things (although they are quite yummy). Thank you for taking care of it.
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    Re: It's school, Dude (not for the squeamish)

    In my profession you have to euthanize an animal every so often. It is quite a disappointing experience. And have found there is no good way to do it. I find my self sad for a few days every-time I have too.
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    Re: It's school, Dude (not for the squeamish)

    Not fun, nooootttt fun at all!!!
    The sad facts of life, the things most of us don't have to see, which I thank God for!!
    So sorry that this is now a part of your "job description".... *shudders*.
    You deserve a..... *gives consoling pat on the back*

    Are these birds flying into windows, or the building wall? If it's the windows, the powers that be should seriously consider having you place some "clings" on those windows so that this problem can be reduced, if not nearly eliminated. They work wonders!!
    Thanks for reading... - Tony
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