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Thread: Viron SWG's - newbie question

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    Viron SWG's - newbie question

    Hi newfound friends and mentors,

    I am a complete newbie.

    We bought a house in Cairns that has a pool and we have been renting it out for a while. We have a pool maintenance guy coming every few weeks to weave his magic, and yesterday he told us that the pool pump was going.

    He recommended the Astral EVO Viron P320 Pool Pump and we have spoken to a few pool places that give me confidence that it is a good choice (comments welcome).

    He also recommended a Viron SWG, but we can see that there are 3 kinds and I have no idea which way to go. The options are:
    Salt Chlorinator
    PH Salt Chlorinator

    I have read the brouchures from Astral and don't really see much difference, but I have no idea about any of this stuff as I have never owned a pool before, so it might as well be written in a foreign language.

    The PH one sounds like it would be virtually maintenance free, but the pool guy tells me that they are expensive to repair if something goes wrong out of warranty. To be honest I am not sure if he is telling me the truth or if he thinks it'll put him out of a job.

    Can anyone tell me the pro's and cons of these, and the differences? Or offer me some other advice?

    Is this setup going to be good for my needs? - domestic house, 2 residents, using the pool a few times a week, no pool heating (might put some in later), roughly 50,000l, pool gets a lot of sun. We are on a tarriff that runs the electricity for 18 hours/day.

    Hoping you can help.


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    Re: Viron SWG's - newbie question

    VX -old horse, they bought it along with the company from Hurlcon I believe. Transformer based, so heavy and eats more electricity. Probably a bit more reliable too as it's got less electronics.
    Salt Chlorinator - Newer model, has switch mode power supply. Will be lighter and consume less power.
    PH Salt Chlorinator - Same as above, but has the ability to dose acid as required by the looks of it.

    for your pool I'd probably recommend VX 9T/V35 model. 25 gram ones might be struggling with N.Qld summer, so you may need to run it for longer.

    can't comment on the reliability and costs of the repair

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    Re: Viron SWG's - newbie question

    Thank you very much. Between this and chatting to a few pool experts, I am now confident to go with the V25 - I was wrong - our pool is just less than 40,000l and multiple pool stores told me that this will be enough (including the installer we have).

    It is fantastic to be able to reach out to the experts and I appreciate your time and effort.

    I know more today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow.



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