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Thread: Slam question FC levels

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    Slam question FC levels

    My pool has a green cloudy tint to it. I read the Slam procedures and got my initial test readings. I am using a ColorQ. Pool is approx 30k gallons

    FC 1.3
    PH 7.0
    Alk 185
    CYA 44

    After using the pool calculator , I added 6 121oz bottles of 8.25% bleach. Did another test about an hour later and FC was only 2.4? I had heard that the ColorQ had problems reading FC levels that were out of normal range so I tried a test strip and got the same result?

    Any ideas why FC levels would still be so low?

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    Re: Slam question FC levels

    If you have a green tint to the pool and it's algae (not metals) your algae consumed your FC. With a 44-50CYA you need to keep your FC in the 4-6FC range with 4 being the minimum for a 50CYA.

    Algae will freely grow and rapidly multiply with an FC near 2. You may also have large amounts of algae growing behind lights and inside a ladder.
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    Re: Slam question FC levels

    Hi, welcome to TFP! Your chlorine dropped due to the organics in your pool, specifically algae. Chlorine is consumed as it oxidizes the organics in the pool and slam levels must be maintained until you meet the following 3 criteria: 1. The water is clear (no cloudiness or visible algae) 2. Combined chlorine is .5 or less 3. You pass the overnight chlorine loss test (OCLT).

    Once you bring the pool to slam level you must test frequently and add enough chlorine to get back to slam levels. The first few doses of chlorine may be large and frequent, but as the organics are oxidized the chlorine demands will start to drop.

    Remember to keep the pump running 24/7 and clean the filter when the pressure rises 20% over the clean filter reading.
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    Slam question FC levels

    Test strips are not reliable or accurate. You need one of our recommended test kits, like the TF100, best value. You need a good kit to read high FC levels.
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    Re: Slam question FC levels

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    Like everyone said, the algae can rapidly consume the FC. The problem you are soon to face though is that you need to maintain a FC level of 20ppm and I am pretty sure the ColorQ maxes out at 10ppm ... thus the recommendation for a FAS-DPD chlorine test kit.
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    Re: Slam question FC levels

    Ok. Thanks for the replies. Over last couple days I have dumped 33 gal of 8.25 bleach in the pool. Green tint is gone. Now just cloudy. FC levels stabilizing.

    Thanks for the help
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