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Thread: Ecostar and noise

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    Ecostar and noise

    Last week I had our old Anthony bronze head pool pump w/ 2 HP "Centurion" motor replaced with a new Ecostar (SP3400). It was rated for 3450 RPM and with an "Amp SF" of 11, at 230V, but I measured it using around 1.6 KW/power.

    The Ecostar has been using a lot less energy - I run it 8 hours day (vs 6 hours with the old pump) at 2200 RPM and only use 500W of power. I run it at 2200 because we have solar which is automatically controlled. So far I'm looking at saving $50/mth with this pump (So Cal Edison, 30c/kWh).

    The only downside I've noticed with the Ecostar is that it is a lot louder than the old pump, even at 2200. The noise is definitely higher pitched than the old pump motor as well, but not so much that I'd call it a whine.

    I would liken the volume and pitch of the sound heard at 40 feet to that of a neighbor 5 houses down using their weed whacker, with typical intervening residential obstacles (houses, fences). The area where the pump is located is near a fence, and not too far from a corner fence alcove, so that could amplify the noise a bit and help it carry.

    I notice this pump also appears to have a fan, and placing my hand over the back of the fan does reduce some of the noise.

    Is this normal for the Ecostar?
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    Re: Ecostar and noise

    At 2500 RPM my Ecostar is so much quieter than my old Starite pump and after a month it seems to be saving $40 per month. But my old pump had priming problems, which I only understood recently. But for most of the day I run it at 1300 or 1750 RPM and it is very quiet. I run it at higher RPM only to run facilitate my skimmer and pop up cleaning system
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    Re: Ecostar and noise

    My EcoStar is a bit louder than the SpuerPump I used to have. Now, the SuperPump was 1.5hp and EcoStar is up to 3hp.

    I run it at about 1750rpm and is almost silent. I set her top speed to 2900rpm
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