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Thread: Pool is turning green after using chlorine instead of bromin

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    Pool is turning green after using chlorine instead of bromin

    Someone please help!!! I installed an Intex 20' above ground with the 1600 Series sand filter this summer. A friend who already had a pool gave me what I believed to be 1" chlorine tablets. My pool had been doing awesome all summer with running the filter 4-6 hrs a day and having the tablets in a floater and skimmer basket with only having to adjust the ph up maybe 2-3 times. I also shocked the pool once a week with the "shock plus blue" packet from walmart. I have had crystal clear blue water all summer until a week ago. I ran out of the tablets my friend had given me and bought some 1" chlorine tablets. I noticed that my water is now having a greenish tint. I called my friend and asked if he could get more of the tablets he gave me and only then did I find out that I had been putting BROMINE TABLETS in the pool all summer!
    What can I do at this point to get my pool clear again? I have used approx. 2lbs of the chlorine tablets from walmart. Could I just start putting bromine tablets in the pool again? Last night I double shocked the pool and have the filter running all night.

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    Re: Pool is turning green after using chlorine instead of br

    The first thing anyone here is going to need to help you is a good set of water chemistry readings. Things like Chlorine, PH, total alkalinity, CYA are neccesary to determine what you have going on. without them, it is just going to be a guess and no one here is going to do that. The guru's here will suggest you reaD Pool School (link at top of forum) and get a good test kit.
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    Re: Pool is turning green after using chlorine instead of br

    Welcome to the forum!

    Unfortunately I don't know enough about bromine to help you, so we'll have to wait for someone with a little bromine experience to help. The problem is that bromine and chlorine react with each other and they do so kinda counterproductively. We'll help you fix the pool, but it's gonna be a little work.

    How much is water in your area? You might be looking at a total drain and refill as being your best option, but please wait for more opinions.
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    Re: Pool is turning green after using chlorine instead of br

    Most likely that green had nothing to do with switching between chlorine and bromine.
    Is it clear green or cloudy green?
    What are the ingredients on the packages of sanitizer you've used?
    What are the ingredients on the "shock" you used?
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