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Thread: throwing my money away

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    throwing my money away

    we bought a house with a pool. first mistake. it's a 32000 L shape, salt water, vinyl liner, Hayward C900 filter thing, AquaRite salt water generator.
    Pool man says don't put any products in the pool that contain metals, in other words buy from him at a 30% mark up. Pool was sparkling clear for a while, then turned nasty green and learned that d/h had gone to walmart for pool stuff and there were metals in it. Out of the entire summer, the pool has been clear maybe 3 weeks. The green was deemed to be caused by metals, so we put the recommended 'clean sweep' in and vacummed to waste, which lowered the level so we had to refill from the well pump, thus introducing more metals into the water...situation back to green. Shocked, did everything pool guy said but now when we vacuum, the stuff just shoots back out of the jets so we are attempting to move the green crud on the bottom into the deep end so that when we vacuum to waste, it will be faster and we will lose less water so we don't have to fill from the well again, thus creating this vicious cycle. (last time we had to fill, I bought 4 pre-filters for the hose, but that runs into big bucks too as one only lasts for about 1200 gal)
    In the meanwhile someone said our filter, the Hayward 900 was insufficient for the 32000 gallon pool. What? So far this year we've thrown over a grand (so far) into this freaking pool, it really shouldn't be this hard. We make sure the salt is at the right level, check the ph and alkalinity but I'm starting to feel like I need a degree in chemisty to have a clear pool. We are considering selling the house just to get away from the swamp in the back yard.
    I'm not really motivated to do this much work, as I rarely swim and had I know what a pain in the *** this was going to be, much less how expensive, I would have found a different house to buy. I suggested to d/h that we just vacuum the sucker to waste, and worry about filling it next spring. Cover it and forget it.
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    Re: throwing my money away

    Welcome to tfp, Donna1935

    How does the water look now? Is it clear with just the crude on the bottom? Or is the water cloudy?

    Do you know what your filter pressures are when the filter is clean? What is the filter pressure now? Do your pressure gauge read 0 when the pump is off?

    Quote Originally Posted by Donna1935
    In the meanwhile someone said our filter, the Hayward 900 was insufficient for the 32000 gallon pool.
    Assuming that is the Hayward C900, they were right. It is only 90 sq. ft. and we would recommend a minimum 470 sq. f.t cartridge filter for you 32000 gallon pool. That does not mean it will not work for now, but it will take a lot more work, since it will need to be cleaned very often during your pool clean up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Donna1935
    I'm starting to feel like I need a degree in chemisty to have a clear pool.
    I know it seem like that, but it is absolutely not true! Pool School (link is always located near the upper right of the page) has a the very simple methods that can make and keep your pool sparkly clear. Much of the tfp method will likely be at odds with the "pool man" advice so you really need to choose one or the other. In order to follow tfp methods, and to save your sanity, you will need an appropriate test kit. See this pool school article: Many of us have the tf-100 since it is the best value.
    TFP Expert who uses Pool School and my TF100 test kit along with PoolMath for my: Round 11K gallon AGP with deep end, 20" sand filter, Matrix 1hp 2spd, 6 2ftX20ft solar panels (and solar cover!), Intex SWCG (copper bars disconnected) and a Rubadub hot tub (chlorine). The SLAM process is not finished until: 1. CC < 0.5 ppm, 2. An OCLT < 1.0 ppm and, 3. The water is crystal clear.

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    Re: throwing my money away

    Pretty sure everybody here will help you fix that pool so you can enjoy it with as minimal effort and expense as possible. It's kinda what we do here! But first things first. Can you post us up some test results of your pool water chemistry to also include metals? Send yourself to Pool School on this forum and strongly consider ordering one of our recommended test kits to make your life EASIER. Please go to the user control panel at the top of the page on the left and add a signature line (like mine below) to your profile listing your pool size, gallons and equipment to make it easier for us to respond and you not having to retype it all when you post. Bear with us and welcome to the forum!

    pool-school/metal%20stains Great place to start btw!
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    Re: throwing my money away

    Just to start without checking on the pump etc., the water is clear. It's just the bottom that's covered with silt and the deep end looks like the creature from the black lagoon may be lurking down there. Re: the filter, we have several Unicel cartridges that we alternate while cleaning them. The rest of the info I will have to check.
    32000 gal IG yinyl L shape
    Hayward cartridge C900
    1.5 HP Marathon pump-variable
    2004 est. installation
    SWG, AquaRite generator-Cell-14 Ultra

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    In the Industry

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    Re: throwing my money away

    It sounds like you need to get a leaf net and get the debris off the bottom first. If there are no solid pieces, then you can vacuum them up. Have you been vacuuming?

    A cautionary note.....this won't be easy, but it can be fixed. There are no "magic bullets" that will fix the will take a lot of learning and some physical work.

    If you still feel it's not worth it, I suggest you let it sit until next'll be about the same amount of work and learning to fix it then but you may be more in a mood to tackle it.
    Dave S.
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    Re: throwing my money away

    You CAN do it and it will be cheaper!

    Do everything the people here tell you to do! They have NOTHING to gain from helping you unlike the pool store.

    Do not bother going to the pool store again for anything.

    We gave up on our first pool and sold it after being "pool stored". All they want to do is sell, sell, sell with NO regard to your wallet.

    My husband wanted another pool. Sooooooooooooooo I did some looking around and found this site! I studied and studied and did research to make sure it really could be THIS easy.

    The first thing I did (even before ordering the pool) was to order the test kit talked about on here. I played with it and make sure I could do it and understand what I was doing. Once I knew I could do it I let my husband order his beloved pool and we have not looked back since.

    OH I also looked around at the different bleach/chlorine prices for make sure it would be easy to pick it up. I found that my local ACE hardware store had the best price on bulk chlorine and it is right up the road. Some people find that their local Walmart has the best price for their area. Every once in a while a pool store has the best price for chlorine. Just make sure that is ALL you get from them!

    Good luck! It can be done!

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