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Thread: Parent's pump fix

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    Parent's pump fix

    EDIT: Split from Hayward Superpump Won't Turn On. Smykowski

    New to this group so bare with me. I have never done anything like this. Going to try and fix my 83 year old parents filter. Is changing the start capacitor pretty easy and what tools do I need. Expensive part? They are planning on moving out of their home in the next month and we wanted to try to sell the pool without putting a ton of money into it. Thank you!!! lyn

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    Re: Hayward Super Pump won't turn on

    When you say you're going to try to fix their filter, I'm assuming you mean their pump (and/or it's motor). The capacitor is extremely easy to replace.

    What makes you think it's the capacitor, first of all? Does it just make a humming noise when you turn on the pump? Have you checked to see if the pump's impeller is spinning freely (reach into the pump's little skimmer basket housing and see if you can turn the impeller with your fingers)?

    Assuming your parents' pump/motor setup is like mine (which is pretty typical as a type), it probably looks something like this:

    *1.) Turn off power at the breaker box.
    *2.) Remove back cover of motor casing by unscrewing the usually single screw in the center of the rear cover.
    *3.) Look for the capacitor - it's a black or dark brown colored, cylindrical object roughly 3" long by 1" in diameter attached to two red wires.
    *4.) Short out the capacitor by touching both contacts on it with a screwdriver blade (in theory it could "pop" so you may want to cover it with a cloth).
    *5.) Once you've touched both contacts (at the same time) with the screwdriver blade, disconnect the wires, and remove the capacitor.
    *6.) Note the printing on the side regarding "MF" and voltage. MF (microfarads) might be listed as "?F".
    *7.) Buy a new capacitor with the same or somewhat higher ratings (but not lower!). Example: old one is 160-193MF/125V, one that is 250MF/125V will be fine.
    *8.) Install new capacitor by connecting the two red wires to it - order doesn't matter.
    *9.) Put cover back on.
    10.) Turn power back on at the breaker box.
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    Re: Parent's pump fix

    Yes, I believe it is something with the motor. I plug it in and it humms for 10 seconds and then shuts off. The wheel does spin and I tried to bang on it a couple of times with no luck. From reading the other posts I am hopeful that this is what it is.

    Thank you for the help!! Crossing my fingers.

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    Re: Parent's pump fix

    There could also be a centrifugal switch in the back of the motor that is sticking and needs to be cleaned.
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    Re: Parent's pump fix

    So I wasn't positive which end you would consider the back cover of the motor. Posted 2 pictures for you to see. I am assuming it is the end of the motor (silver) and not between the motor and the tank part?? There were 4 long thin bolts that went into the housing and two smaller ones that held a small plate that covered some wiring. I wasn't able to pry the silver end off. I was afraid that I might crack it. Any thoughts??

    Thanks for your help.
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    Re: Parent's pump fix

    Can't tell for sure from the pic but it looks to me like you might need to remove the green screw.
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    Re: Parent's pump fix

    The green screw is the grounding nut. It doesn't hold the motor onto the pump. This is a split phase motor and does not have a start capacitor. Here is a link to the manual and parts list for this pump. You will probably need to replace the motor and shaft seals.
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    Re: Parent's pump fix

    Before buying a new motor, there's one more thing you can try. You'll have to take off the cover in the back, that silver plate at the end with the wires. With those four long bolts out, it's just held in by friction. Take a flathead screwdriver and gently tap it out. Once you get inside, you'll see the centrifugal switch that might be sticking. See this thread for more info. Post back if you have any questions.
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    Re: Parent's pump fix

    Good and bad news. Thank you so much!! I knew that there would be some glitchrd. lol Just hoping I don't have to replace the motor. Going to be hard to sell the house or pool like that.
    Info is much appreciated!!

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    Re: Parent's pump fix

    Ok, heading over to my parents. I have looked at the post you linked. I am not sure what I am looking when we say Centrigual switch. What does it look like? Starting to think this is over my head but I will give it a try!! Thanks again for all the help!

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