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Thread: Just fired my pool guy. Mistake? Need help. Saltwater setup.

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    Just fired my pool guy. Mistake? Need help. Saltwater setup.

    Hey, guys. I just fired the pool guy last week. Quite possibly the best thing and worst thing I ever did.

    Yesterday the pool started to get a little cloudy, today the same, but a little green. I started from scratch and went straight for the filter. It was disgusting. 6 inches all around of green muck. That's clean and back on.

    Now my system says "No Flow" and my suction that goes to the pool vacuum doesn't suck.

    Not sure what to do.

    Here is the pool info:
    13,000 Gallons
    Pool and Spa - In Ground
    Black Pebble Tech

    Pentair FNS Plus Filter
    Jandy PLC700 AquaPure
    Pentair Whisperflo Spa Falls
    Pentair Whisperflo Pool Falls
    Pentair Whisperflo Filter pump

    I have attached pics of the system. I am really not sure where to start???? Any help and/or advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Just fired my pool guy. Mistake? Need help. Saltwater se

    Welcome to TFP!

    If the pool guy was supposed to keep the pool from turning green and/or clean your filter..then I guess you SHOULD have fired him.

    Anyway, if you haven't already, you need to get some bleach in that pool ASAP. At this point all you can do is slow down the green.

    On the water side of things, we need some good numbers. Do you have a good test kit? Until we know your CYA level it will be hard to go through the SLAM process to get you sparkling again.

    On the plumbing side of it, I am not completely familiar with your setup but I can help you with the issue you asked about. In order to return suction to your cleaner, you need to rotate the handle to the right on the valve that is directly below the vertical pipe that is labeled "cleaner". (Bottom left of the first pic you posted)

    On the "No Flow" issue, it could be a number of things, 1) a bad sensor 2) or maybe it's really not getting flow. That would mean that you have no water returning to the pool. On that note, do you always have all your pool water return via the spa? (large black valve to the six o'clock position of the AquaPure)
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    Re: Just fired my pool guy. Mistake? Need help. Saltwater se

    I also would say priority number one is to get some chlorine in there, without test results it is hard to give more specific advice, but I would start with about a gallon of common household bleach (plain bleach, not scented, NOT outdoor bleach, not the No Splash stuff which have thickening additives), bleach really is the simplest source or chlorine with the fewest unwanted side effects. If possible get that in there before the sun hits the water in the morning (slowly pour in front of a running return).

    This will hopefully buy you a few hours time, but to help more we really need good quality test results, and it is our experience that pool store testing is at best hit or miss (and that is being nice), they simply have nothing to gain by providing accurate testing. So my advice for now is order one of our suggested test kits ( I use the TF-100 see the link in my sig.) and start reading pool school. We will do what we can to help, but we really need good test numbers to be able to tell exactly what needs to be done.

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