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Thread: Can't stop the leak

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    Can't stop the leak

    Looking for guidance from the experts on this forum..

    My pool is about 8 years old and about three months ago, I would get an air lock every morning that would water flowing. When I turned the release valve on the filter, air would escape and the pool would run normally all day. But, overnight, air would get back in and it wouldn't self prime again. I called out a technician. He said it was most likely the threaded PVC plug on the top of the Pentair Whisperflow filter. He cut the pipe above it, unscrewed the plug and said there was no thread tape used. He then wrapped thread tape, applied some sealant, screwed it back in and added a coupler to rejoin the pipe. when he turned it back on, a small trickle of water came out so he backwashed, tried again and it was good. Two days later it was leaking so he came back out. When i got home, he had put a 'second hand' plug and a lot of thread sealant. He'd also ran out of pipe to do clean join so the pipe was attached with force and bent. Basically, the PVC pipe comes straight up from the filter then then into a 'T' on the right of the T there is another plug with a tap. the left side of the 'T' goes about 12 inches and the has 90 degree down for 12 inches and another 90 degree across into the tank. The pipe with the 'T' was no longer straight and was bending down. A week later, the propblem was back.

    I'm no plumber but I decided to have a go myself. I cut the straight pipe, uncrewed the plug and plumbed in the entire section with just the tap being reused. It has lasted 3 months with problem bot now it's leaking again from the thread going into the filter. Is there a special type of sealant I can use to create a stronger bond or does this suggest the problem is the with the filter side of the thread.

    thanks for any help you can provide.
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    Re: Can't stop the leak

    I would suggest using a union like the one shown in the following link to connect your pump to the plumbing. The o-ring will prevent the type of leaks you are having and you wont have to cut your plumbing to do any work

    The following link is for the 2" union but they also make a1.5" union if that is the size you require. ... 00-000.htm

    The part number and manufacturer are Custom Molded 21063-200-000 if you want to Google it to find other sources



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