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Thread: Dirt coming from return jets.

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    Dirt coming from return jets.

    Hi Guys. Its great to find a site like this where people can share questions and experiences etc with their pools and spas. I moved to a new address one year ago and now a pool owner!

    I hope it's ok for a newbie to ask a question straight away.

    I have 14000gal in-ground vinyl pool. The pump/filter were not in great condition when I moved in and I often noticed dirt on the pool floor, even after I'd vacuumed. So I bought band new of both. Both Haywards. However, the dirt is still coming back and is driving me nuts! If I dont vacuum for a week, the bottom is covered with this stuff. During the summer I have to vacuum every day. Things I have noticed/actions have taken:

    The dirt is coming from the return jets. The dirt doesn't return if leave the pump switched off.
    I vacuum to waste. Doesn't make any difference. Dirt returns.
    I don't think the dirt is coming from the filter- if put filter on "circulate" the dirt comes back.
    The dirt is very "fine" and disperses into the water if I "push it around".

    Has anybody got any advice?? I've got a bad feeling that I may have a cracked pipe or something and to excavate would cost a lot of cash that I haven't got. Any assistance greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Dirt coming from return jets.

    Two things:

    1. Can you touch it/rub it between a thumb and finger? How does it feel? Slimy? Gritty? Squishy?
    2. It could be dead algae. It is possible to have algae living in your pool, but have it be below the threshold of being visible. In order to diagnose that, we'd need a full set of reliable test results. Hint: we really, really don't trust the pool store.

    And welcome to the forum!
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    Re: Dirt coming from return jets.

    Hi and thanks for the reply and welcome.

    I haven't cleaned for a week to see how it goes, and this is the result

    A thin, fine dark brown/black dirt on the floor of the pool that comes out of the return jets. And now a greenish tinge collecting at the sides of the pool on the floor of the pool. The water itself is clear. I can vacuum it all up and it looks fantastic. Until the pump starts and then it slowly starts to reappear
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    Dirt coming from return jets.

    Do you have one of our recommended test kits and can you post a full set of results ?

    Welcome to TFP !!
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    Re: Dirt coming from return jets.

    Ah, no I don't. I'm in (sunny) Perth, Western Australia! I would have to results from my shop, who always entice customers to buy unnecessary stuff!!

    Thanks for the welcome!! Just finding my way around here, learning new stuff already!

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