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Thread: Agggh! I think the PB caused my water problems .

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    Agggh! I think the PB caused my water problems .

    I've posted elsewhere that my pool was installed this year with a Nature2 system. I followed the instructions and had FC around 0.5 -1.0 (recommended with N2) and I had algae and cloudy water on and off until I found BBB.

    I assumed that my problem was to much CYA caused by the trichlor tabs. Now I suspect another partial suspect...

    The Nature2 system is installed with a "Startup" cartridge. This thing is supposed to be removed after 7 days and replaced with a mineral cartridge. Well guess what? My PB never changed it, and I never realized until now.

    So basically I ran my pool from March to August at 1ppm FC. No bug surprise that I had to shock all the time. The shock was powder trichlor - so it was loaded with CYA - and each time my CYA got higher and higher. A vicious cycle that ended in mustard algae.

    So, I am not defending Nature2, but I don't think that in my case it had a fair chance as it was improperly installed.

    I will be called my PB in the morning. Someone owes me an apology and also some $$$ for all the shock and chems that I have bought.

    The good news is that after a week of BBB my pool's chemistry is perfect and crystal clear.

    FC 6
    CC 0
    CYA 40
    Ph 7.5
    TA 110
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    Re: Agggh! I think the PB caused my water problems .

    Congratulations on getting your pool cleared up!

    If you choose to continue using the Nature2 system, just be aware that it adds metals to the water which do help prevent the growth of algae. However, as the levels of metals accumulate, they are prone to causing unsightly stains over time. Besides, chlorine (liquid bleach) alone takes care of algae just fine with minimal effort as you have already discovered and it does so without any undesirable side-effects.
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