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Thread: Indicator Solutions in Pool

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    Indicator Solutions in Pool

    I'm interested in anybody's opinion on tossing indicator solutions into a pool or spa after completing the test. As a previous state bathing place inspector I was always taught (and I taught in my training classes) that is is rude to toss the test chemicals into the pool. After all, would you like if someone spilled wine into your pool? I complained to a local pool care company about their personnel who do that, and they just laughed, saying it has no effect on the pool. I disagree. What say you?

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    Re: Indicator Solutions in Pool

    Welcome to TFP!

    We do not recommend dumping test reagents or pool samples with reagents in them into the pool. Dump all reagents & pool sample/reagent mixes down a sink drain with the tap water running.
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    Re: Indicator Solutions in Pool

    I wouldn't want some of the chems in the pool. A few of the reagents are poison. While it's likely never to build up enough to be an issue it's just bad practice. A commercial company that allows it's employees to do that is accepting a huge liability.
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    Re: Indicator Solutions in Pool

    The amount of reagent that would go into a pool from a normal test is STUNNINGLY small....somewhere around one in 200 million if I WAGged the math closely on an average 20k pool.

    Nevertheless, I would consider it poor practice for a professional to do it. Villageman's description of "rude" is probably more apt than any harm that would come from it.
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    Re: Indicator Solutions in Pool

    To laugh at a customer like that is the height of unprofessionalism. If the management of that company didn't agree when I called that in, they would be fired on the spot. No question about it for me. Dumping reagents in a pool/spa is just bad practice. Period.

    PS- I forgot my manners. Welcome to TFP Villageman!
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    Re: Indicator Solutions in Pool

    Thanks for all your replies. It's comforting to know that I'm just not being picky

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    Re: Indicator Solutions in Pool

    Welcome, and you are definitely not being picky. Even if you were, it is YOUR pool! Absolutely a bad practice.
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    Re: Indicator Solutions in Pool

    The service people should be respectful of your concerns. If you tell them that you don't like it, then they should not do it.
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    Re: Indicator Solutions in Pool

    Bad form indeed! It never occurred to me to dump test reagents into my pool. Bad news.
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