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Thread: Close or leave open....

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    Close or leave open....

    OK pros, help me with my decision!!
    5 years under my belt now, 2nd year on BBB and couldn't be happier! Here's the issue. We look down on our pool from about 15 feet above pool level. Looks great in the open season...looks horrible when closed for the off season. Plus, the thing is horrible to start in the spring as it does go to "swamp" level quickly after I stop the regular care. Now, IF I do leave it open, should I keep the SWG going or remove it for the off season and manual dose? Issue is that I will probably "forget" to maintain FC and will have a swamp. The SWG is easy to dial in and my question is will it keep up and/or work in the cooler weather. I understand that algae will not grow as fast in the cooler weather, but this thing does go to swamp quickly.
    Another note is that I HATE to bring it back to life in the spring as the continuous (every 10-15 minutes) cleaning and exchanging filters gets old after about 3 days. Plus the water I use to clean that mess up is a complete waste and a bit of a cost issue.
    I never really completely close the pool as I have a freeze-guard on my pump that does kick in when it gets down toward freezing.
    SOOOO....... What's ya'lls thought process on my idea?
    As always, I appreciate all you fine folks do to keep this great forum and info flowing! Best source of real information on the net.
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    Re: Close or leave open....

    What's the current water temp??
    What's the weather been like??
    Where are you located???

    A green pool on opening is a sign you may have closed early. If your pool is closed properly then odds are in your favor you'll open to clear water.

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    Re: Close or leave open....

    Leebo..Very mild here in Charlotte NC. H20 temp approx. I really don't know how anyone in this area could keep from going to a green pool. My question was more of HOW to keep it open.
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    Re: Close or leave open....

    What are your winter time typical lows like and how long do they last? Around here in Louisiana about 100 miles inland from the coast most people keep their pools running year round, just semi dormant in the winter months. Of course here the ground almost never freezes and when it does it is only down a few inches, our typical we rarely go more than 24-48 hours with sub freezing temperatures, with lows in the teens a couple of times per year when we are having a particularly cold winter. I only remember one time in my life that ponds froze over, back in the mid 1980's, I remember having to help out on the family farm breaking ice on the ponds so the cattle could drink (broke the ice by driving out onto it over shallow water with tractors and ATV's

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    Re: Close or leave open....

    Hey there. I'm not that much further south (columbia area) and we don't "technically" close our pool. We keep the pump running 3-4 hors a day when we are done swimming for the season and keep the SWG on. I THINK the SWG doesn't produce chlorine below a certain temp but I'm not sure on this. We never open to a green swamp. Just about one good day of vacuuming leaves and testing chemistry and making adjustments and we are open. In 2012 we were open and swimming on St. Patrick's day weekend. We also have a thermostat on that pump timer that will kick it on if the temps drop too low but that was broken due to a lightning strike last summer so this last winter we went without it and just turned the pump on before sunrise. Thankfully, we replaced that this summer.

    I have acquaintances in the Charlotte area that don't have a thermostat and just keep the SWG running when the pump is on and set their timer for something like 3-8 am. They also...don't "close" their pool. I don't know if any of that helps you but there is my 2 cents worth.
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