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Thread: SWG water balance questions

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    SWG water balance questions

    First off I'd like to say thanks to this site. I'm like most people who mindlessly been taking there water samples to the local pool store and continuously come back with balance packs, shock treatments, water drains, etc. I decided I had enough and been lurking this site for awhile and finally have the confidence to do everything on my own. Once I get my pool up to spec per this site and its running clean I'm gonna definitely be a supporter for all the help Ive gotten.

    So I bought the TF-100 kit and I'm following the instructions for "Water Balance for SWG's" on this site. I tested salt first and it was 3600-3700 which seems to be ok since my SWG recommends around 3400. My problem is with testing cya (like most people). I mixed it per instructions and filled the test tube all the way to the top and still see the black dot. it doesnt even get cloudy at all until about the 20ppm mark. It was so far off i decided to take it to 2 pool stores to double check and 1 comes back with a 50ppm reading and the other 35ppm. so I tested it 2 more times myself in different spots of the pool and they both come back the same as my first. I run my SWG 7-8 hours a day at 60% just to keep a 4ppm FC level. Today I put in 4lbs of and I'll test it again in a week to see what it says. Basically i guess I just want reassurance that I should just go by my tests and ignore the pool store test cause I dont want to raise my cya to a crazy level. If it helps you the test for the other readings that the pool store gave me were.

    salt 3700
    cya 0-50ppm (depending on who does it)
    FC 4
    PH 7.6
    CH 430
    TA 30
    phosphates 300

    thanks for your replies in advance
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    Re: SWG water balance questions

    Two tenants of BBB....

    1. Trust your own testing

    2. Stay out of the pool store.

    You are not alone. Newbies always want to check their ytest by going to a pool store and come away confused when the pool store gets different results.

    Really, that's why you purchased your own kit in the first you would accurately know what your values are.

    Post up a set of YOUR numbers and we'll advise from there but I can assure you your CYA is less than 20 ppm.
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    Re: SWG water balance questions

    Trust your own results. Practice with your kit over a little time will build confidence and you'll be more comfortable with it. It will come quicker than you think.
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