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Thread: too much suction?

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    too much suction?

    so i recently purchased an intex 2650gph saltwater with sand filter system.... tons of problems setting it up because i wanted it further away from the pool so i had to hard plumb the output to the pool, but the problem im having is if i try to put the hang on skimmer on or it i hook a long hose with a vacuums head on on the pump sucks air and shuts it self down. some of my problem is the holes on the pool are that of a 15 foot round, so there are some adaptors being used. with nothing on the suction end of the pump it runs fine, but im not going to be abe to vaccume or use te skimmer..... any thoughts?


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    Re: too much suction?

    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm not completely sure I understand the question.

    If you are sucking air into the pump, you have to plug those air leaks. Then your system will run fine.
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    Re: too much suction?

    ya i figured this was gonna be diff to explain. so the system is a bit big for the pool.... so there was some conversions done. all factory stuff.... its a 15 foot round metal frame pool so the holes in the side of the pool are smaller, so intex sent the adaptors to put on the outside of the pool to make the screw on 2" connectors. the problem im having is i have a hang in skimmer, when i hook the skimmer to the suction hole, the pump isn't getting enough water i think...? and the pre skimmer basket empties and fills with air. as far as i can see there are no leaks....and there is still plenty of water going thru the intake but i feel like its not getting enough water.... sorry of this don't make sense. the big problem is i cant skim and i cant vacuum cause its gonna make the pump run dry. even with the van... i fill the line full of water so it dont pull air but its still not working properly.... i can try and get some pics on here later if it might help. thanks

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    Re: too much suction?

    You are using the original small built in ports on your pool, right? Do you have the outside hose connected directly to them, or do you have the new style plunger valves between the port adapter and the hose?

    I ask, because the valves themselves have a high restriction, and have a vacuum breaker port on the top. Any pump bigger than the 637R that came with your pool will suck air through the "safety" vacuum breaker valve.

    Have you tried connecting the pump directly to the adapter?
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