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Thread: Thanks for the info

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    Thanks for the info

    I just bought an Intex AGP and set it up last week. This site has been a blessing to say the least. I have my BBB ingredients and have been steadily monitoring things for the past few days. I shocked with bleach and had to adjust the PH down with some muriatic. The CL would quickly deplete in short order so I went and got some CYA and added to the skimmer last night. Immediately afterward I added CL and this morning the CL was almost too high. As the day went on all my levels seem to be stabilizing and everything including TA seems really close to nominal. I figure I am at least getting close to a stable system and will soon be good to go.

    One area I am not absolutely clear on is when to use Borax and when to use soda. if anyone could expound on that I would appreciate it.

    Thanks for this very informative site and saving me a bunch of $$ and time. Me the wife and our two daughters have not had this much fun together in a really long time.

    Bill and the girls
    Middle Georgia
    15x48 Intex AGP
    Standard issue pump(1000 GPH)/cartridge filter

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    Re: Thanks for the info

    When raising PH and/or TA:

    baking soda - raises TA lots and PH a little
    borax - raises PH lots and TA a little
    washing soda/soda ash -raises PH lots and TA some
    aeration when TA is high - raises PH without changing TA
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    Re: Thanks for the info

    Thank you

    That is exactly what I was looking for. Need PH up a bit but TA is pretty close. It's pretty close all around so I'll watch things a bit before making any changes. Pool has only been up a few days.
    Middle Georgia
    15x48 Intex AGP
    Standard issue pump(1000 GPH)/cartridge filter

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    Re: Thanks for the info

    Got back from a week and a half vacation and the pool was a nice shade of green. I dropped a buttload of 1" tabs in the floater before I left but it still turned a bit. After massaging the water with the BBB method I have a crystal clear pool after just 2 days. My brother just had a pool installed and he is also a recent BBB convert after his initial several hundred dollar investment in pool store chems.

    Thanks again TFP
    Middle Georgia
    15x48 Intex AGP
    Standard issue pump(1000 GPH)/cartridge filter

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