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Thread: Need help with new liner several holes on floor

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    Need help with new liner several holes on floor

    I recently had an in ground vinyl liner steel wall pool put in a few years ago. The builder used portland cement for the bottom. He told us it was better than the vermiculate that other builders use. Within two seasons the pool floor began to develop depressions. The cement bottom was giving way. The builder came back removed the liner and patched the cement floor. When he put the liner back in he found several pin holes in the liner and stated he had to put a new one in. He advised that the pin holes were caused by unbalance water and the fact that I didn't buy the chemicals from him. Now i'm finishing up the fourth season with the new liner and have had to patch 9 holes on the floor this season. It seems every week I have a new hole.

    My question is is this normal for a liner this old? Could it be caused by a chemical problem? Is it a result of the cement floor the builder used (the floor is very bumpy)?

    Also the holes are only in the three foot shallow end, the liner color seems extremely faded already when I compare it to a new piece I have. And if it matters the shallow end is in direct sunlight all day.

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Need help with new liner several holes on floor

    Welcome to TFP!

    No, it isn't normal. Tell us about your water chemistry and what you use to chlorinate and adjust pH.
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    Re: Need help with new liner several holes on floor

    I keep the water balanced I think the pool builder was trying to find any excuse to put the blame on me. I use 3 inch tabs in my automatic chlorinator. With the new liner I was buying the chemicals from my builder. Last season I started using Arm and Hammer baking soda for the ph. I think the problem is the cement floor. The latest hole had a sharp edge/ rock under the liner.

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    Re: Need help with new liner several holes on floor

    Portland by itself is abrasive, that is why they make pool krete. The vermiculite takes away some of that so it isn't working on the vinyl. Usually what we see if water chemistry is off is wrinkles developing from it. Water will rob whatever it can from whatever source it can to try to maintain balance.
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    Re: Need help with new liner several holes on floor

    Thanks for the reply I'm kind of getting an understanding about the water balance robbing properties form the liner. After getting the new liner I really tired to hard to keep every thing inline. One thing I noticed this summer was that when we had a heat wave my pool hit 90 plus (no heater) and when I put my hand on the floor of the pool it felt hotter then the water was. I will try to up load a pic of the pool floor while the new liner was being installed

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    Re: Need help with new liner several holes on floor

    Without good test results we don't know if chemical balance could be an issue. However, it's highly unlikely that it's what caused your problem. You would do yourself a huge favor by getting a good test kit and doing your own testing. That way you could be sure it's not out of balance.

    I doubt the floor was actually hotter than the water. Different materials feel different temperature wise to the touch. I'd suspect the smoothness of the pool floor to be the problem.
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    Re: Need help with new liner several holes on floor

    Over a period of long experience, I think most PB's figured out that concrete floors were somewhat abrasive on liners.....hence poolcrete.
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