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Thread: Installed liquidator...several issues/questions.

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    Installed liquidator...several issues/questions.

    After talking to the fellow at liquidator and finally getting to a point where I now have the liquidator above the level of my pool, and no check valves it seems to be working...I think.

    Check valves-When I had the check valves in place, basically, the pump wasn't strong enough to get the flow rate up going past the check valves. With them installed I could never get the ball above 3. The fellow at liquidator told me to get my liquidator above the level of the pool and try it with out them and see how it did. I can now get my ball up to 5 but when the pump is off, the liquid inside drains back down to the level of the valves in the tank. Does anyone think this could be increasing my Bleach consumption unnecessarily? If the answer is yes, where can I get some check valves that don't take so much pressure to open up? Mine, if you try and blow through them...its take a pretty good bit of force to get them to open.

    PH-I am totally unable to get my PH under control. Yesterday I went down to the house where the pool is since hadn't been in 7 days. When I left, the pool was at the proper PH, the liquidator had about 4-5 gallons of 10% bleach in it, and I left the ball set just below the 3. Got there yesterday, the PH was over 8.0, there was NO Bleach in the liquidator, the FC was at 4, the water was PERFECTLY CLEAR but there were clumps of algae at the bottom of the pool. Why am I having such a hard time keeping PH down??? I feel like I am constantly adding acid.

    tubing and fittings-the tubing and fittings are terrible quality but I have everything sealed off with teflon tape, pipe dope and silicone so should I bother redoing it? Will it really help my flow?
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    Re: Installed liquidator...several issues/questions.

    Post a picture of the LQ setup.

    Look for check valves that have a low cracking pressure. USPlastic has a few different ones with a 1/3rd PSI cracking pressure.

    As for pH, post a full set of test results and how you got them?

    What size and type of tubing and fittings do you have?
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    Re: Installed liquidator...several issues/questions.

    You are fine with the water in the LQ draining down to the lever of the floats when it is off. I have run mine without check valves for quite a few years with no issue.
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