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Thread: When should I bring up the CH

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    When should I bring up the CH

    Pool is 2mo old now, just wondering when I should bring up the Ch. Pool came with 2mo. service so now Im taking over. Been reading though the pool school and will continue and will be ordering test kit next week.

    Last week test results from the builders
    FC 1
    TC 1
    PH 8.0
    Hardness 90
    Alk. corrected 87
    CYA 45
    Copper 0
    Iron 0

    I've added acid to bring the PH down 2x this week and also stopped the fountain to help that out. Also added some Trichlor tabs to bring the CYA and FC up a bit and bump the PH down a bit also(seems like the best fit for where my parameters are/were).

    FC is 10 according to the strips I have and PH is back up to around 8. FC should come down once the Trichlor is gone since the SWG was holding it around 5 before the Trichlor. I will continue to dose acid for PH as needed, just more wondering about the Hardness for now. Should I begin to bring it up or wait a bit?
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    Re: When should I bring up the CH

    At two months, I'm assuming you are past any break-in period when many builders give detailed procedures on what to do and what not to do in order to keep the surface warranty in-force.

    I would bring the CH up gradually as the CH can rise on its own with new plaster. Like CYA, CH is much easier to add than it is to lower. Although the ideal range for CH is 250-350 ppm, I would stop adding any calcium-chloride or cal-hypo once you hit 200 ppm. Test weekly to see if CH is holding steady or drifting up. Keep in mind that periodic top-offs to replace evaporated water usually tend to increase CH as well.

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