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Thread: New and of course need some chemical balancing advise

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    New and of course need some chemical balancing advise


    We have a new Above ground Doughboy Autumn Breeze pool Oval 12 x 20 volume is 5,700. It has a Doughboy Aqua View Sand Filter, and a Doughboy Powerline XpII 1HP pump. It was connected to a pool frog inline chlorine system - but took it off after 2 months of putting way too much chlorine in the pool. I just purchased the recommended TF100 test kit and here are the results.
    Free Chlorine FC 17(took 34 drops to turn back to clear)
    After 5 drops of the R-0003 it remained clear. So CC is 0
    PH tested 7.2
    Alkalinity took 16 drops to turn red so 160
    Calc Hardness took 21 drops to blue so 210
    CYA was closest to 50 - about 47.

    The pool has had a very high FC read the entire time. The pool frog was just dumping it all in I guess. It was set to 0 for 2 weeks and still read high. I have not shocked the pool in 4 weeks since the levels have been so high. We keep a solar blanket on the pool and was told to keep it off a couple of days for the sun to absorb the chlorine. We did that and according to the pool frog test strips it looked pretty close to where it should be. In doing the test with this kit, however, the 17 is still high.

    I really need some advise on how to get everything in line without having to drain water out of the pool. It's only been up 2 months and used maybe 15 days out of that. The water is crystal clear, but my daughters light blonde hair has been green. That seems to be getting better since taking out the pool frog system out last Friday.

    Any chance I could get specific amounts of chemicals (if any) that I need to add? Or at least very specific advise on what I should do. I really would appreciate it!!!!!



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    Re: New and of course need some chemical balancing advise

    Welcome to the forum.

    Actually, you have self corrected nicely.

    The pool frog was out of control and you pulled him out....good move. That was also the source of the green hair...killed two birds with one stone.

    From this point, let your FC drift down naturally to around 4-6 ppm and keep it there the rest of the swim season.

    It is perfectly safe to swim right now in that pool. Any FC up to SLAM value (20 ppm in your case) is just fine.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
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    Re: New and of course need some chemical balancing advise

    Thank you so much! Glad to hear it!

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