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Thread: Plaster vs. Plaster with Quartz

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    Plaster vs. Plaster with Quartz

    Hi everyone,

    2 questions: 1) does the quartz additive provide MEANINGFUL added durability to the plaster? 2) is it rougher than plain plaster

    Thanks (of course, provided i maintain proper pool chemistry and installed by someone who knows what they are doing.....)

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    Re: Plaster vs. Plaster with Quartz

    Welcome to TFP!

    Quote Originally Posted by jeff mcm
    questions: 1) does the quartz additive provide MEANINGFUL added durability to the plaster? 2) is it rougher than plain plaster
    As for Question #1, it depends on who you ask. The consensus is that the quartz will have a longer life than plain plaster, all other factors equal. Based on the various expected service life data that I have seen, quartz falls between plaster (shorter) and pebble (longest).

    Question # 2, it is going to be rougher than plaster but to varying degrees - mainly depending on how it is installed. Best bet: If the installer has a showroom containing "walk-able" surface samples of the various finishes, you may want to walk on them barefoot before you make a final choice. It would be even better if the showroom has these surfaces under a few inches of water to really simulate what the "real feel" will be like. If that's not an option, see if any of your friends have a quartz pool that would be willing to let you give it a "test-drive".

    You have pointed this out, but it bears repeating...Regardless of which surface you choose, keeping your pool water properly balanced is the largest single factor impacting the lifespan of any finish. I have heard and seen examples of plain plaster lasting up to 20 years if the water is properly maintained.
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    Re: Plaster vs. Plaster with Quartz

    Thanks for the was actually very helpful. I am inclined to make the investment. Hoping to add two more quick questions:

    1) Of the three quotes i have (which really are from the only three name brand companies in Toronto), all mentioned that they would remove any de-bonded old plaster, but leave the remaining and use a bond coat/acid wash treatment before installation and install the new over it. Does that sound acceptable? (seems to be fairly standard practice....)

    2) I have only had the pool since we bought the house 2 years has the orignal plaster and is pushing upper 30's in terms of age. In fact...the current plaster is tired, but not dreadful (i am biting the bullet in any event given the tiles are all hollow). I know the previous owner looked after it...but is some of that long life perhaps attributable to the fact the pool is covered for over the half the year given our winters? Just curious....

    Thanks again for the input...very helpful to a pool rookie like me....


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