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Thread: Intellitouch programming question

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    Intellitouch programming question

    I have my heat pump connected to the heat terminals on the IT board, and while the POOL circuit is running, the heat pump comes on and off properly based in IT temp sensor and set point. But, I have deleted my POOL program so the pump would run 24 hours since I hooked up the heat pump a couple days ago just so the heater can turn on any time heat is needed. Is there any way I can put back my 9am to 8pm POOL schedule for the filter pump and then have the POOL circuit turn on as needed when HEAT is called for at night? I see how I can set the HEAT command for a schedule, but I see no way to have a schedule, 24 hours, that only turns on the POOL circuit (runs the pump) if heat is called for.

    I'd appreciate any advice.
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    Re: Intellitouch programming question

    I talked to Pentair support... no way to do it. Seems like something that would be a common thing... only turn on POOL circuit at night if Heat called for.

    Honestly, I have been using the ScreenLogic software for a few weeks now and I think it is extremely poor for the price I paid for it. Many things don't work, since they are in transition on the iPhone app (Pentair took it over from another vendor and it has gone backwards)... and new Pentair servers... and protocol adapter bugs. Alerts don't work...

    I have three interfaces (iPhone, PC and MobileTouch).. all are different.. all have things they can't do. They have different symbols and color coding for the same things. Different menu hierarchy. They are overly cumbersome to use and program. The IntelliTouch system may be good for basic on/off control, or a customer that just wants their PB to handle everything, but it is severely limited in programming and capabilities. I want to simply turn different lights on in different colors... I can only do that from the PC interface! So I need to go in the house to do it. MobileTouch and iPhone turn all lights on or off to the selected color. I should be able to set a scene that includes colors and modes for each light relay and turn it on at one button press. I should be able to have the iPhone app connect directly to my system anywhere in the world via IP or DDNS instead of having to rely on the Pentair servers to relay. It is MY system... I don't want Pentair in the middle. I could go on and on...

    I paid over $3000 for the panel, personality module, mobile controller an protocol adapter, and for that price it should not have all of these limitations. I feel like I am a beta tester, but I paid to do it. I really thought that Pentair was the most advanced pool automation system available... but may be I was wrong. or may be others are worse?
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    Re: Intellitouch programming question

    I finally figured out why I could not control my aux circuits and features from iPhone... I had to go into ScreenLogic configuration on PC and select what ScreenLogic section to show each item in... then it worked on iPhone... BUT... my MobileTouch remote that has been working fine since day 1, had a message on screen that the controller config had changed and asking me to confirm new config load... so I did... now my Mobile Touch lost it's screens and can't even communicate with the controller anymore. I went through the init process (reset, filter button, the set address on remote), but no luck at all. I can't figure out how to get my Mobile Touch working again. And once I do, how do I program the screens from Screen Logic? There are about 8 tabs of controller buttons to program and no reference at all as to which map to the Mobile Touch.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    32K gal, gunite, French Gray DB, IntelliFlo VF, IntelliFlo, WhisperFlo, Quad DE 100 filter, IntelliTouch, IC-60 SWG, IntelliChem, Dolphin M5

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    Re: Intellitouch programming question

    Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to that one. Pentair has never been very good at automation user interface, even though they generally do quite well on other aspects.
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