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Thread: Ozone for new pool

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    Ozone for new pool

    Hello All. I'm new to the forum. I'm in the process of designing and getting quotes on a new pool in Southern California. I've had 3 different designers come out and they all recommended 3 completely different pool designs and equipment to purchase, so it's very difficult to compare. My question now is on the Water System.

    I'm thinking of going with an Ozone combined with Mineral system and use very low levels of chlorine.

    - What are your professional thoughts on the Pros and Cons of going with the Corona Discharge vs Ultra Violet technology?
    - How significant are the Energy Consumption demands for CD vs UV to get optimal results?
    - Which unit is overall the more efficient choice?
    - Long term Costs / Longevity?

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    Re: Ozone for new pool

    There are just a few "professionals" here. The vast majority of us are pool owners who are sharing their practical experience and gained knowledge.

    You will find little support here for ozone in a residential outdoor pool.

    Google "ozone" and browse the thousands of words that have been posted on the forum about it.
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    Re: Ozone for new pool

    Like Dave said you will find little support around here for use of UV or Ozone systems in conventional residential outdoor pools and virtually no support for mineral systems.

    Ozone is simply not needed for outdoor residential pools with typical bather loads, what Ozone is good for is supplemental oxidation to help break down combined chlorine, and contrary to much of the hype it actually increases chlorine use since it reacts with the Chlorine in the water. It also does nothing to provide residual sanitation outside the plumbing as EPA regulations say no Ozone can be allowed to make it back to the pool, it must all fully react while still in the plumbing. (In Europe they use special large Ozone reacting chambers with their high level Ozone systems).

    Mineral systems add metals to the water (typically Copper) which is an algaecide, but high levels of metals in pools cause no end of other problems, staining, turning blond hair green, etc.

    By far the cheapest and best solution for residential pool sanitation is the use of chlorine, either manually added (usually as liquid chlorine) or through the use of an SWG (salt water chlorine generator)


    p.s. note I do own a UV ozonator which I bought a couple of years ago when I found one (new old stock) at a clearance price as I have an indoor pool, but still have not bothered connecting it
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    Re: Ozone for new pool

    Quote Originally Posted by Omidh44
    - Long term Costs / Longevity?
    Long term the cost of any "alternative" system will be far more than a chlorine only plan, and long term all systems will be inefficient compared to a chlorine only pool. Attempting to run a very-low level of chlorine sounds like a good idea, but you end up with very few benefits as most of the negative effects associates with chlorine are not caused by chlorine itself. As a side note you will notice most positive statements for these systems come straight from the manufacturers and not from objective parties.

    As Dave said, you will find very little information on these specific systems on this forum. What you will find is information based both of scientific studies as well as practical experience. I hope that you can find it helpful towards your decision.
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    Re: Ozone for new pool

    If your pool is outdoors, you just don't need an ozone system. The sun does all of the work of an ozone system for you for free.

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    Re: Ozone for new pool

    I wouldn't use ozone or minerals on an outdoor residential pool. Also, ozone oxidizes metals and the combination is not a good idea.
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    Re: Ozone for new pool

    Also be sure to read myths #1 through 4 at the link below. This site can teach you how to maintain a properly chlorinated pool that does not smell like chlorine or bother your eyes. I have a salt water pool which still uses chlorine, but is easy to maintain. I would not consider ozone or minerals.

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    Re: Ozone for new pool

    As for CD vs. UV, that's a joke when it comes to a pool -- ozonators are typically woefully undersized for residential pools, but there's no way a UV ozonator will produce enough ozone. CD is far more efficient. See this link for technical details.

    But again, it makes no sense to use in an outdoor residential pool that is typically low bather-load. The UV in sunlight breaks down chlorine producing hydroxyl radicals that are the same powerful oxidizers that ozone produces when it breaks down except that such hydroxyl radicals are produced throughout the pool wherever there is chlorine and sunlight and they are very short-lived. As for disinfection, ozone will only kill what gets circulated and not what can grow on pool surfaces and not get circulated. Chlorine alone kills pathogens quickly and with Cyanuric Acid (CYA) in the water the active chlorine level is very, very low. At the minimum FC/CYA ratio in the Chlorine / CYA Chart, the active chlorine (hypochlorous acid) level is the same as in a pool with 0.07 ppm FC with no CYA.

    The real question you should be asking is whether you want to automate your chlorine dosing. Do you want a saltwater chlorine generator (SWG)? Do you want a peristaltic pump or The Liquidator? Or do you want to manually dose your pool with chlorine every day or two?
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