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Thread: Ultraframe and cold winters

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    Manitoba, Canada

    Ultraframe and cold winters

    Looking at buying a larger Ultraframe model, but wonder if I can leave it up during the winter here in Manitoba Canada? We get minus 35-40 degree winters here. I know the steel or aluminum walled pools stay up no problem with the water drained down a bit, but what about the Ultraliner styles?
    Will these liners handle the weather exposed like that?
    I want to get away from the draining, taking down, putting bakc up, and refilling scenarios.

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    Re: Ultraframe and cold winters

    I do it here in Western NY and we too get minus 0 temps. Just remember to drain below the water lines, winterize, and cover pool. No guarantee but I have been doing it for 6 years. Last pool was an Intex 15' round, new model is a 20' ProSeries. Both have the metal legs and although no real issues, the 15 " gave when we had a thaw and freeze and liner burst but it was 5 years old and I was unable at the time to make sure all was ok when the second hard freeze came. This year I am thinking of putting hay around the pool as an insulator because we moved the location when we got the new pool and it now gets heavy winds from the valley and no trees to block. (200 yr old tree fell down past spring due to 70 mi winds)
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    Re: Ultraframe and cold winters

    why not just empty it and cover it? I took mine down last year (first year with a 15' and I live in CNY (cold and wintery) It took me half day to clean it up, dry it out and pack it up, alot of work I think and don't want to do it again this year.

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    Re: Ultraframe and cold winters

    How far down are you guy's draining the water before covering? Below the inlet port looks to be almost half way down on the pool to me.
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    Re: Ultraframe and cold winters

    I drain below the inlet jets
    ProSeries Above Ground 20x4 Sand filter 1 hp

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    Re: Ultraframe and cold winters

    I am new to these intex no-wall things but planning to leave mine up (heck, I don't even HAVE it up yet)

    left the old pool up year round, ran the pump on nights it got below freezing. I am at 4500 feet in SE AZ - not exactly desert, and we freeze regularly in the winter, though with little snowfall. Have had several inches of ice on stock tanks and pool was fine.
    somewhere around 6,800 gal 18 x 4 foot round Intex Ultra Frame AG, finished filling August 29, 2013. toy pump w/ "A" cartridge up and running next day --- July 2015 upgraded to Krystal Clear 3000 GPH pump and 16" sand filter --- May 2016 Intex auto cleaner and in July salt system and Hayward skimmer

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