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Thread: New Pool Bid in Austin TX

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    New Pool Bid in Austin TX

    Hi there - I wanted to share the bid that we received from the company we will likely go with and see if any of you experts out there have suggestions or comments. One thing I know I want to change is the lighting included in the package. I think what we want is two LEDs. The pool will be a rectangle with a spa at one end. We're still trying to decide on some decking due to impervious cover issues. It will take up most of our yard because we live in a small lot development. Thanks very much!

    •All work to be done in accordance with the National Spa and Pool Institutes Specifications, as well as all applicable local codes.
    •General Liability Insurance during construction.
    •Layout in accordance with approved plan.
    •All permits and calls for necessary inspections.


    Dimensions: 30 ft x 15ft 6 inches
    Perimeter:91 ft
    Surface Area: 465 sq ft
    Approximate Volume:12,000 gallons
    Depth: 3.5 ft to 6.0 ft (verify)
    Steps: One set per plan
    Benches / swim outs: 15 liner ft.
    Lights: (2) 300 watt low voltage lights
    Tile / veneer ($5.50 per sq ft allowance included)
    Coping: Sawn Blue Lueder limestone or approved equal per owners’ selection

    Dimensions:7ft inside dimensions raised 18 inches above pool
    Controls: Pentair Easy Touch with wireless control.
    Jets:Six Waterway therapeutic jets
    Light1)100 watt low voltage light
    Spillway: 5 ft wide stone or tile
    Heater:Pentair 400,000 BTU gas
    Drainual anti vortex drains
    Veneer: Stone or approved equal per owner’s selection

    Pumps (1) Pentair VS Inteliflo variable speed for pool and spa
    Filter: (1) Pentair 60 DE
    Water Treatment: Bio stat, Trident UV sanitation system and inline chlorinator
    Heater: 400,000 BTU Pentair Master Temp
    Pool Cleaner: Pentair Legend with booster pump
    Skimmers: (2) in pool
    Auto fill: Pool miser with anti siphon devise and over flow drain pipe.
    Lights: (2) 300 watt lights in pool and in (1) 100 watt in spa (low voltage)
    Drains (2) anti vortex in pool, and (2) in spa.
    Controls: Pentair Easy Touch with wireless remote
    Equipment Pad: All equipment is set on a concrete pad.
    Maintenance Equipment: Wall brush, net, telescoping pole
    Start-Up Chemicals: Included

    Backhoe / Bobcat: All dirt or rock excavation, bagging and haul- off included in the pool base price. Rock excavation is included.
    FORMING:Excavation to include all forming of pool, spa and included elements, i.e. beams, walls, water features and decks.
    “Owner” assumes all liability to complete landscape after the pool and associated projects or items are complete unless stated specifically in the contract.

    • 1/2” rebar tied on 10” centers with a four bar beam and additional bars at all high stress areas.

    • High pressure Dry Gunite, Water and Quality Controlled at Job Site
    • Minimum floor and Wall Thickness of 8”-10” (12” when out of ground)

    • All Plumbing with schedule 40 PVC 2” plumbing to skimmers, main drains
    • Separate main drain and skimmer lines with independent valves
    • Two Pool Main Drains (anti-vortex type))
    • Skimmers (qty. 2) with equalizer intake

    • Bonding By Electric Code (#8 copper wire)
    • Hook Up of Under Water Lights, Timers and Pool Pump
    • Includes all circuit Breakers, GFI, Etc.
    • Freeze control

    • 64 sq ft steps constructed with approved wood or composite.
    • 420 sq ft prepared and leveled gravel with perimeter containment walls.
    • 60 to 65 precast 2 ft x 2ft concrete pads
    • Iron handrail per code

    • Pebble finishes per homeowner selection or approved equal

    • 30 to 40 working days after excavation, depending on weather conditions and/ or circumstances beyond the control of ____Custom Pools

    • Lifetime Structural Warranty on the Pool Shell To Hold Water
    • Pool/Spa 36 months bumper to bumper
    • Tile, coping, plaster, pool sweep
    • All Pentair Equipment 3 years parts and labor
    • Plaster finishes 10 year limited warranty

    • All State and Local taxes included
    • Permits
    • Clean up construction site of all pool construction related items
    • Pool School / Customer orientation/ Free month chemical service.

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    Re: New Pool Bid in Austin TX

    Here's an illustration but we're trying to come up with an alternative to gravel and pavers.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: New Pool Bid in Austin TX

    PM Sent.
    +/-16k gallon IG pebblesheen pool with SWG, spa and waterfall, Hayward 2HP 2-speed Tri-star, Hayward 1.5HP Tri-star, Hayward 5030 Cartridge filter, Hayward H400 Heater, Sharkvac Robotic Cleaner

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    Re: New Pool Bid in Austin TX

    How much it cost for pool and spa ?

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    Re: New Pool Bid in Austin TX

    Your pool design looks great! I am looking forward to your build.

    Quote Originally Posted by shmatbert
    Water Treatment: Bio stat, Trident UV sanitation system and inline chlorinator
    I would skip the UV, there is no need for in a typical residential outdoor pool that is properly chlorinated. The sun is a much better UV source anyways. What type of chlorinator is the "inline chlorinator" it a trichlor puck feeder?
    TFP Expert who uses Pool School and my TF100 test kit along with PoolMath for my: Round 11K gallon AGP with deep end, 20" sand filter, Matrix 1hp 2spd, 6 2ftX20ft solar panels (and solar cover!), Intex SWCG (copper bars disconnected) and a Rubadub hot tub (chlorine). The SLAM process is not finished until: 1. CC < 0.5 ppm, 2. An OCLT < 1.0 ppm and, 3. The water is crystal clear.

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    Re: New Pool Bid in Austin TX

    Would recommend big baja steps, drop the UV lights and go with two 500w Color LED lights by Pentair.
    32K gallon 24'x41' IG, 8'x10' spa, mini pebble,
    Pentair equipment [Intellitouch I9, IC-60 SWG, 520 sq Clean + Clear Plus cartridge filter, 3 VS pumps(1 FX, 2 intelliflo)], Dolphin M5 cleaner.
    2 rain shears, 2 water shears, 2 blubbers, 4 laminars, water slide, rock waterfall.

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    Re: New Pool Bid in Austin TX

    The steps are still under discussion too. We started out with a shelf in one corner but after spending lots of time in a couple of neighbors' pools, one with, one without, we prefer without. Also, the neighbor with said she regrets including the shelf. The we moved to steps across the width of the pool at the non-spa end but are concerned about taking up too much swimming space so we posed a third idea to this builder but after thinking about it some more, I think steps across the width might provide some nice seating. Here is an image of our third "inspiration" for stairs but I think I would like a little more stair space:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: New Pool Bid in Austin TX

    Another question I have is about shade. Our pool will only have shade in the early morning and late afternoon so I think we may need to provide some shade since we're in the middle of Texas. Does anyone have any ideas about a good way to do this?

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